Undoubtedly, going offshore isn’t a small transfer. It’s a big strategic transfer, which signifies that the benefits should be tangible for your enterprise. What are the benefits of odo offshore software development?

1. Access to engineering expertise

The main purpose why hiring engineers in Western nations is so costly is that their expertise are extremely in demand. For instance, in the US alone, there are over 250,000 software engineering jobs that are presently unfilled — a quantity that’s only increasing. There simply are not sufficient gifted developers to fill the gaps.

Even though colleges in the West are pushing IT courses, there’s still going to be an inevitable delay before these graduates are specialists in the business. And that’s why, right now, the important reason firms are looking to build offshore teams and engage developers in countries like India isn’t cost — it’s availability.

India produces 1.5 million engineering graduates yearly. Thanks to the high training pedigree and in-depth English language training, these engineers roll out of college able to work. Indian engineers cannot only talk with general fluency in the English language, however can be extraordinarily clear and concise in a extremely technical environment.

2. Lower costs of operation

Lots has been mentioned and completed about “lower” prices when discussing the professionals and cons of offshore software growth. But, let’s get extra particular.

Say you identify a growth staff in Bangalore, alongside along with your native staff at residence in London. When you evaluate the salaries solely, the wage of the common developer in Bangalore is comfortably 3-Four instances cheaper than in London. That signifies that the complete value of doing enterprise in Bangalore, together with premises, administrative employees, authorized work, payroll, developer salaries, and so forth., sometimes is available in at 50% the value of your at-home builders’ salaries.

The purpose — a lower value of living. The value of living in India is at least Three or Four times lower than in the West. The next disposable income signifies that you’re paying considerably lesser to cash in the same, if not better experience as back home.

3. The alternative to scale shortly

Taking on new, expert, costly staff is an investment that presents a big financial risk. If these employees determine to go away early, you would be overburdened with work, the quality of the software you develop drops, and before you understand it, your clients are going elsewhere.

However, with an offshore workforce, this disaster could be averted. First, the price of recruiting and paying employees is lower. Thanks to the lowered payroll, an enterprise could shoulder down durations more simply with an offshore crew. At the same time, increasing your Odoo offshore software development team could be completed much faster than your local team. For instance, The Scalers have introduced a number of teams of engineers to our clients’ teams in as little as Four weeks. Vetted, tested, and ready for work.

4. The capacity to focus in your core enterprise

With offshoring, the administration, payroll, recruitment, accommodation, insurance, and a lot extra are all taken care of by your offshore associate. Software development companies are primarily responsible for minimizing the stress associated with team scaling.

This gives you ample time to focus on your core enterprise, interact with potential clients, and develop your enterprise without having to fret about not having the ability to accommodate them. You can learn more about the business benefits of offshore software development in our earlier blog post.

The best Odoo offshore locations: where are you able to go?

The world is your oyster — you can actually decide any location to build an Odoo offshore development team. However, some locations are better than others. So, which nation can you offshore to?


There is no doubt that India is the world’s capital of IT offshoring. They have the most Odoo developers, with the best training, and the most fluent English-language expertise. Given the lower cost of living, establishing Odoo offshore software development in India can be a very profitable option for your enterprise.

Eastern Europe

For businesses that operate in Western Europe, nearshoring to countries in Eastern Europe can be an possibility. Nearshoring is beneficial for companies that need fixed, real-time collaboration with their in-house employees. On the flip facet, international locations like Ukraine and Romania have good builders, however they are few in quantity and subsequently lack flexibility when constructing distant groups — a minimum of in comparison with India.

Latin America

Because of the minimal time difference, offshoring to Latin American most common among North American firms. Again, that is considered as nearshoring. However, the standard of developers is often not as high as other areas, and you continue to find yourself paying a premium for talented, skilled Odoo developers.

Does offshoring create an moral dilemma?

An ethical dilemma that arises when companies are contemplating offshoring their development processes to a different country is, “Am I depriving local engineers of jobs?”

However, the reality is quite contrary. Offshoring allows companies to scale quickly without compromising quality, which is a primary reason for offshoring. We have already mentioned how establishing a development center in the West could be very costly, and the fact that there are not enough engineers. This, in flip, implies that offshoring undoubtedly doesn’t lead to a loss of jobs, as one would assume.

Rather than corporations having to choose between globalisation or patriotism, they will select each. Globalisation has all the time confirmed to learn the economic system of a country. Wealth isn’t a zero-sum game where one country’s loss is another country’s gain. If going offshore means becoming more economically productive, in flip, producing higher services and products, are not companies doing more good than harm?

Another moral argument about offshoring is the wages of engineers in nations like India. Because you may hire Odoo developers at a fraction of the cost as compared to the West, companies sometimes worry that perhaps the engineers are not being paid sufficient, they are not as good, and that the quality of work delivered is substandard. But again, it is a direct end result of the lower price of living, and not low-cost labour = poor quality.

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