For those that have never had the pleasure of a slippery Nuru massage, this is one to try in 2021! Its an erotic form of massage first conceived in Japan, Southeast Asia. There are several things that do make this massage quite a unique massage, even for a sensual massage.

One of the key differences is that a Nuru massage uses a special gel called Nuru gel. This is completely different to the traditional massage oils that we are used to. It’s made from Seaweed, and so it has a very slippery consistency making it great for this sensual body to body massage. Interestingly Nuru literally translates from Japanese to English as ‘slippery’ which is where the name is derived from. Another great thing about using gel as opposed to your traditional oils, is that it just washes off so easily. When you combine with the fact that it can be easily removed with water, it wins hands down for most people that enjoy a regular full body massage.

Another aspect of Nuru that is unique is that it’s a try body to body experience. The masseuse will literally use her whole body to massage you once the Nuru gel has been liberally applied to both bodies. This makes it both very arousing but also a very exhilarating and energizing experience too.

Thirdly, the Nuru massage is performed on a special blow-up mattress, to enhance the slippery sensations even more. A traditional massage table or bed would really hinder the slippery aspect of the massage, and so using a good quality, large Nuru mattress will really help take things to another level.

Common Benefits of Nuru Massage

Increased Pleasure

Like massage erotic forms of massage, a Nuru massage brings with it immense pleasure and arousal, and so is great for those that are looking for a bit more excitement in their lives

Increased Relaxation

As with many of the traditional forms of massage, one can expect to be very relaxed at the end of a genuine session of Nuru massage. It gives a great opportunity to completely switch off and relax, while you are massaged into seventh heaven by your trained masseuse.

Stress and Tension

Massage offers a great way to combat stress and tension, and Nuru massage is no different in this respect. The different stroked that are used by your masseuse will help you to embrace a trance like state during your massage session, allowing you to put any negative thoughts to one side. Many report that by using massage regularly, they can help keep stress and tension in check effectively.

Better Sleep

A key benefit of being able to relax more, is improved sleep. Those that use Nuru massage on a regular basis, have generally reported a much-improved sleep.

In summary, Nuru massage is not for the faint hearted, but it’s a therapy that has really started to take the western world by storm over recent years.  If you haven’t yet tried it, then we would recommend at least trying it once!

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This Article Pennd by Gwen Tennyson