You might be wondering as so many: Where will it all end? Where are we headed?

Of late, the news has filled our family TV screens and car radios about Greece’s dire need for a loan. Surely, you recall our own residential real estate and associated banking crisis that began to surface in 2007 with markets and institutions tumbling in 2008 because of over-extended and unsound real estate loans escalating into record foreclosures and adversely affecting the banks who provided these mortgages? Do you also remember the climax on March 10, 2000, and the resultant crash on the heels of the dizzying bubble that began in 1995 from those ever-rising technology stocks? As a stock investor and per your own years of experience, how did you fare from October 14, 1987, through Black Monday on October 19, 1987? From 1984-1995, there was also the savings & loan crisis from unsound real estate lending practices. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Over the past two years through the resources of The McCurdy Corporation, I’ve done extensive and intensive research on the US and world economies. The result of this effort has been a book entitled "How to Survive the Coming World Economic Storm," which has been recently released as an eBook with supportive website links.

The book cites five primary reasons in these United States that will bring the “coming world economic storm.” America will be hit first by this destructive storm. Then, as if a large rock is thrown into a pool of water, the storm will strike every country in the world as the ripples flow outward. The storm serves as a good analogy, too, for as it ends, there will be sunshine and better economic times worldwide.

First and foremost, the storm will force America, principally, and the other nations of the world to address the massive levels of public and private sector debt which has run rampant in all world nations for years or decades. As Ross Perot stated on June 17, 2008, “The economic crisis facing America today is far greater than anything since the Great Depression. Our federal government continues to spend us deeper into debt.”

While the US debt to other nations exceeds $12 trillion – and Congress has recently raised that ceiling to $14.1 trillion, our taxpayer liability for this debt and all other national government financial obligations is greater than $1,000,000 per American household. Based on average household earnings, this debt which is rising daily will burden 4-5 generations of American families without the economic storm forcing its’ resolve.

The debt of every other nation on the planet is also defined as well as how each nation’s debt compares to its Gross Domestic Product.

In the context of these five reasons behind this economic storm, the book explains why and what has happened to banking and real estate, and what the future holds for both. The information is important for people working in these or any other industries or professions, though also offers protective suggestions for all persons respective of the imminent and inevitable economic storm soon to strike.

George Soros in his April of 2008 book "The New Paradigm For Financial Markets" wrote, “This is the first time since the Great Depression that the international financial system has come close to a genuine meltdown. That is the crucial difference between this financial crisis and previous ones.”

The research in the book covers 50 years of political history contributing to the coming economic storm which is contrasted with words from America’s founding fathers and other respected leaders through history. In total, this background research draws from over three decades of dialogue and knowledge drawn from some of the smartest and wealthiest living persons on our planet, dozens of books, 100s of websites, and 1000s of periodicals or subscriber newsletters.

The imminent and inevitable next economic step for America and world economies will be lead by America in ushering in America’s Second Great Depression with all other nations following its lead, in time – as the rock thrown into the still pool with ripples running quickly outward to the shores of every other country in the world. It will bring with it the greatest exchange of wealth in the history of mankind.

While an economic depression will be much feared and dreaded by all, this imminent and inevitable economic path will also prove a blessing to the many generations to follow our present times offering unique, bountiful opportunities as known never before in history with an upside potential equally great.

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