Selecting the best provider of cloud services for a company is not an easy task. There are so many factors to consider and some of the points of comparison are subjective while others are objective. The personal preferences and past and current usage habits are also considered and the bad or good experiences with a organization over the years, even if these experiences were with the aspects other than cloud services are considered as well. The two companies that are fighting it out as leaders in the cloud service space are Azure and AWS. The feature set is a major factor that the organizations consider when choosing between the two providers.

Having the best and most features will be the way for the organizations to distinguish themselves in the area of cloud. Microsoft has released some new features in Microsoft Azureto compete with AWS. They are not killer features but they are all the useful additions that will strengthen the reputation of the cloud services of Microsoft. The first new feature is the complete integrated support for Docker which is the open source platform the distributed applications that is one of the highly popular container technologies that are being utilized in the place of virtual machines for running the server applications. As the containers can share the OSs, they utilize fewer system resources than the hypervisors. This gets Microsoft into the competitive arena with Google and Amazon, which already had the support for Docker.

Another new feature is the introduction of Azure virtual machines that are quite large enough to be used for Big data processing, which needs fast processors that can deal with the replication of huge amounts of data and adequate high performance storage space to manage it. These new virtual machines are called the G-series. These VMs can be utilized to perform the big data analytics on platforms like XtremeData which is a partner of Microsoft and which has tested the G-series VMs.

The Azure Key Vault is another feature which is a service based on cloud. You can utilize this service to handle the encryption keys that the cloud applications use. It can be utilized for both on-premises and cloud-hosted applications. It is based on the FIPS-validated HSMs (hardware security modules) will eventually be utilized by many of Azure and MS Office 365 services. These features comprise the next large battleground in the battle for supremacy in the cloud space. Till now, we have discussed the 3 new features introduced by Microsoft in continuing its effort to overtake Amazon, its chief rival. The customers of both Azure and Amazon get benefited from the ongoing competition between them.


Many companies that are considering entering the cloud are looking at Azure and Amazon as their choices. Many features are yet to get launched from Microsoft and many new innovations are lined up in Azure. Many people are obtaining Microsoft Azure training and getting expertise in this area as the organizations around the world need large number of Azure professionals with expertise in Azure. Thus, this field promises a lucrative career for the Azure professionals and the people who are entering this field.

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