Read these dog owners: According to experts, the electronic dog fence is effective in keeping the family dog within your property and help dogs learn where their boundaries are. The system will teach the dog through instinct to keep away from the invisible barriers of this electronic mechanism. These containment structures possess the feature of not consuming any space in the front and back yards.

Exclusive Features of Electronic Dog Fence
The remarkable aspect about the electronic dog fence is the fact that it can be wired to protect areas of your home where the dog often plays and these are the fish pond, gardens, flower beds and other areas. The narrow antenna wires are buried around the outer limits of the house which should be off limits to your dog. These wires are parallel to the fences that encircle your property. These wires are not bulky and not difficult to install. They can be protected in areas through normal attachments that can be purchased at the local hardware outlets.

Safety and Sensitivities of Dog
Make sure that these are safe and sound from the elements and are not an impediment to your surroundings. These wires can be mounted beside the fish pond, pet cages, and other sensitive places. The wiring can also be fixed in the home. It should be set up in a way that it does not look awkward. The electronic dog fence can be laid out just like ordinary cables. The possible areas are near the walls and furniture provided it cannot be reached by babies or their pets. It can be placed under the carpets.

Dog Fence with Collar
The dog fence goes with a special collar that is worn around the neck so your dog can receive signals from the wires that have been installed. Actually, the collar functions as the real fence. Your pet should be wearing the collar for the system to work. Without the collar, the electronic fence is of no use. The collar works by utilizing radio frequency. It has a specially installed radio receiver to obtain signals from the antenna wires.
You can now go ahead to train the dog. The system sets off a mild and risk-free shock to the dog whenever it tries to go over the boundaries marked by the wires. The shock is just like static pulse and will cause no harm to your dog. The dog fence produces an irritating reminder to prevent the animal from straying away from your yard.

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