Computer Network helps users to share data resources so it is becoming more and more important to secure your data in every aspect of online data and information. In this case, we use network security to protect our data from misuse or being hacked. We can use multiple layers of the network to secure our data and information. Most common security threats include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, denial of service attacks and identity theft. With the help of network security, you can test and modify your data. Network security helps your company to meet mandatory regulation as well as reduce the effect of theft of personal data.

With the kind of cyber threats faced by business networks, it is important to protect your data. Therefore, the need for network security increased day by day. Here is some point’s discussed to know the need for network security:-

• Efficient System Administration: - Network security is an important security strategy for developing to treat the cyber threats faced by business networks. Network administrator works for installing a network in computer systems. It also helps in maintaining, repairing and upgrading network systems.

• Protect data against theft: - In today’s era of new technologies, there is a risk of stealing data. With the help of network security, you can protect your data against theft. A business organization has a huge amount of data stored whether it is related to employee’s information or client’s projects requirements. So it is necessary to protect data against theft and this can only be possible with the help of network security.

• Competitive Edge: - Developing an effective security system will give your organization a competitive edge which will give you prime importance from the customer’s point of view. Customers will avail your services only if your organization opts for network security systems. Be it, developers or manufacturers, they all need security systems to protect their data from decryption.

• Protection from Hackers: - Hackers find different methods to attack your data with their strong programming skills. They make the use of different computer tools to attack your network and gain access to network resources.

• Reduce Traffic: - When we put data to our website then the traffic increases. With the help of Network Security, the stability problems get reduced and risk of attack will also diminish which improve the user experience.

Thus with the large use of internet across the world the need for network security increases. Thus many organizations are developing network security strategies to protect their data.

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