Muira puama bark is the popular collective name of the type of tree that grows along the Amazon. Also known as “potency wood,” Muira Puama is a shrub that grows up to 14 feet high. Muira Puama is found primarily in Brazil. The root of the Muira Puama shrub has a slight smell and a slightly salty and spicy taste. The Muira Puama root and bark is used as a tonic for energy, well-being and as a cure for erectile dysfunction is a long tradition. Many people equate Muira Puama with yohimbe, which is used for the same purpose of sexual impotence. However, the consensus among users is that there are fewer side effects with Muira Puama than with Yohimbe.
Muira Puama extract is used to make medicines. Like its traditional tribal use in the Amazon, Muira Puama is used to prevent sexual dysfunction and improve libido in men and women. Men tend to notice an improvement in erectile function if they use Muira Puama for two weeks or more.
Muira Puama reportedly helped improve sexual performance. It has also been useful as an aphrodisiac particularly in countries like South America and some others. Clinical studies on this herbal remedy have confirmed that this plant helps improve sexual function and even its ability to get an arousal and erection. Individuals can take Muira puama to help maintain an erection or improve sexual desire.
Proven Benefits For Men
Sexual stimulation
It has been observed that sexual desire is stimulated in both sexes, but the biochemistry of the process has not been explained;
There has been an increase in time to maintain an erection, but the extract does not cause an erection alone, so it is not an aphrodisiac.
The reason Muira Puama works is because it contains sterol components. Sterol can help create hormones like testosterone, which is the hormone that supports sexual desire. These hormones are also responsible for causing the penis to become erect. Without testosterone a man will not have sexual libido. Unfortunately in men, testosterone levels begin dropping at age 30. This can take several years before it is noticed, however by middle-age, many men find that they are having problems in the bedroom. Thankfully, the Muira Puama extract works for curing both men and women’s sexual problems. By increasing the blood flow the genitalia, both men and woman experience increased sensitivity and better of orgasm.
The oils in the plant seem to be responsible for aiding as an aphrodisiac however other parts of the plant such as the roots and the bark have shown to be useful as well. When these parts of the plant are brewed into a tea the drink can also help with improving menstrual cramps and easing symptoms of PMS in women. It may also improve reproduction problems, lessen stress, help with fatigue and regulate gastrointestinal disorders. This plant has also been used to improve heart health, baldness and rheumatism in many people throughout the years. Muira Puama offers many health benefits and as an all-natural aphrodisiac, it can be worth trying before searching for other methods of improving your sexual health.

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