Simply put, motion graphics are motion graphics which are a combination of animation and graphic design.

Animated objects can be simple text or certain images such as company logos which generally use 2D vector graphics.

If we look further, this motion graphic is a simple form of photorealistic animation, 3D to Computer-generated Imagery or CGI.

Motion graphics videos use formats such as .mp4 and .MOV. This fact then adds to the list of questions whether these motion graphics are part of the video as well?

The answer is no. Why is that? Because even if you use a video format, the way to make it is different from most animation videos.

This means that when creating motion graphics, there is no need to record a video and then edit it and add certain components that make the video more attractive.

That is, this motion graphic is made from a combination of several static images which are then animated so that they look moving.

The cool term is a static image that is made to move. From here it can be ascertained that the motion graphics are indeed part of the animation.

A simple understanding where you just need to explain the meaning of the word motion graphic itself, namely motion graphics.

However, a more detailed explanation is needed on this matter. Therefore, let's describe the meaning etymologically, namely:

  • The word motion means the process of moving, changing places or changing positions continuously.
  • Etymologically, it comes from the Latin, Motionem which is normatively from the word motio which means a movement.
  • Meanwhile, the graph depicts accurately and the term is taken from the Latin, Fraphicus which means beautiful. Furthermore, this word is taken from the Greek, graphikos from the word graphos which means from or to write or draw beautiful

From this it can be interpreted that motion graphics are images that are made in such a way that they appear to move or form an illusion.

Thus, motion graphics are audio-visual media in which they combine the art of making animation and graphic design at one time.

So, what are the elements in motion graphics? There are many ranging from illustrations, typography, videos, music, photography and so on.

The combination of each element is then put together and then made into a moving graphic using 3D or 2D animation techniques.

Aha! On several occasions, this term is often referred to interchangeably with movement design because it relates to movement and design elements.

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