MLM is often called multi-level marketing, and it's often referred to as MLM scam, or the ever popular term pyramid scheme. However, you should know that an MLM isn't anything more than multi-level marketing, so I can assure you there is an opportunity there. I want to give you a proper definition of what an MLM really is, and how it could change your perspective on making money.

A Proper Definition

What is MLM? Let me give you a proper definition of it before you make up your mind about it. An MLM company is a multi-level marketing company. This means that the company runs on a marketing strategy to not only pay their consultants on their retail sales, but also to pay them on the sales that their teams generate.

This means that once a team is being built that there is a hierarchy of people following, thus producing multiple levels of compensation along the way. When you look at the structure of the business, it's nothing more than relationship selling, which is no different than what you would do in any sales position.

The Criticism Many Face

What is MLM? So, if you are considering joining an MLM and you are wondering what types of criticism you may face, then let me forewarn you before you join. This isn't because I disagree with you, but because I am telling you that traditionally this business model hasn't been accepted by everyone. You should just expect that you might face criticism when you join.

MLM is nothing more than direct sales, so don't create a monster that really isn't there. You might here people talk about high startup costs, but not all companies are the same. Every company has their own product and their own business model, so to say that all MLM companies are the same isn't true, nor it is it fair.

While it's ideal to get people to sign up right away, it's wise to get consumers to try the product first so that they know what they are supporting. I personally cannot support a product that I don't believe in, and neither should you. If you put yourself in this position, then you should expect that you will face a lot of criticism.

It's the Chance to Build a Business

What is MLM? It's the chance for you to build a business, and a chance for you to build a future. Sure, it won't happen overnight, but it doesn't work that way. Aren't you glad that you can consider other options in which you don't need a college degree, and you can start working from home just a few hours a week to get started?

I am sure that you can see the potential, but it all starts with finding your passion, learning, and then executing. Once you execute you will start building up your income while finding out how much freedom it really gives you to spend with your family, and how much freedom it really gives you financially in the long term as well.

So, when someone asks you how you built a business and developed a new lifestyle, you can simply ask them, "What is MLM?"

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