When you begin to study the power of the mind and how it works, you may find it can quickly become an extremely interesting but quite extensive subject. For that reason it is probably best to study and work with ways on how you can improve your life with the help of your mind, rather than studying too deep into the inner workings of the mind, unless of course you are studying for a masters degree in psychology, then you would need to have a greater understanding of the mind and study all aspects. The purpose of the DME book is to give you a better understanding of how your mind can help you create more success and wealth in your life.

Sometimes there can be some confusion between brainpower and mind power, even though these are entirely different from each other. While brainpower is what we use to perform our daily functions like eating, sleeping, working, and making decisions etc, mind power refers to how we can use our thoughts to influence and affect our behaviours, beliefs and outcomes in order to change our lives completely. This mind power is what we are interested in. This is where we can change our lives for the better, become successful and create our own destiny.

Let us take a closer look without going too deep...

The mind is composed of the conscious and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is everything that is inside of our awareness.
It is everything that you are aware of. What this means is that your emotions, your feelings, your perceptions, your memories and any thoughts you have, and how you express yourself as in your speech, all form part of your conscious mind.

The subconscious mind is all that is completely out of your range or sphere of awareness, so you are completely unaware of all the feelings, memories, emotions, energies, vibrations and thoughts that you experience or have experienced, even though they can and do affect the results you get in your day-to-day life.

According to some doctors and scientists on researching the brain and its complexities, human beings only use from 9% to 11% of their true mind power potential. This begs the question that if one were to increase the percentage of mind power used from eleven percent upwards, would that mean they could change the course of their life and control it better?

The answer is a massive YES.

The question now is: How?

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