Has there ever been a time when you felt stuck in one or more aspects of your life that no matter how hard you worked your way through, it seemed like you just couldn’t find your way out of the maze? Or those times when you already know what you want to happen in your life but simply couldn’t find a solid way to reach your goals?

These kinds of situations are those that almost all individuals experience, albeit different intensities, bringing about frustration, helplessness and even desperation to many. It is during these experiences that individuals -- successful professionals, average workers, students, retirees and stay-at-home parents alike -- are compelled to seek the help and advice of people who they look up to and have inspired them in many ways. These people may be friends or family who have admirable qualities and whom they are comfortable confiding in or professional experts who are trained to help those needing a gentle push towards what they really want to achieve and become in their lives. Mentoring at its simplest.

A lot of people become hesitant when the word mentor gets thrown around. As humans, it is in our nature to try and solve problems on our own first before actually asking help from other people. This is the reason why others find it difficult to grasp the idea of mentorship. But really, what is mentoring?

Mentoring is the building of a relationship between two partners, the goal being to improve a person’s performance by developing and enhancing current skills as well as learning new ones. In this relationship, a safe environment is created so that the mentoree can share issues or concerns that may affect his success. Most often, mentors become more than just experts in their field. In a mentoring relationship, the mentor becomes an objective friend, a partner and a close confidant. The trust between the mentor and the mentoree then becomes very important in working towards a person’s personal and professional success.

If you are looking for ways to reach your goals efficiently and effectively, then mentoring might just be for you! Those who seek help with their business and personal lives most often find concrete ones from mentors as they help you set out goals, offer guidance to get you moving towards the right direction and help you jump over barriers that block your way to your success. Rather than waste time and effort on searching for ways to reach goals, people seek the help of mentors as they find that having a coach allows them to have more time with friends and family, more positive personal and financial opportunities and more success at work. Mentors are able to push you towards efficiency as they direct you towards the right methods to complete your goals and teach you techniques to build confidence and have financial freedom You are not, however, spoon-fed with answers. Instead, mentors teach you to find and make the right and the best decisions for yourself, help you sort out and prioritize your goals and weed out those that are unnecessary and time-wasting. Mentors allow you to motivate yourself and help maintain this motivation.

People often ask, What is mentoring? and What are mentors? Are they considered coaches? Are they counselors or teachers? The answer is actually all of the above. These experts are available to satisfy your desire to be successful in a faster, efficient and easier manner. If you find yourself stuck, struggling and in need of help getting out of your pit, maybe it’s time to ask yourself, What is mentoring and how can it help me find balance in my personal and professional lives? By considering mentor ship, you are choosing to take the first step towards your personal goals and success.

Resource: The Secret Sauce For Business and Personal Growth

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