Do you hear this word a little too much as well? Still unaware of what it means?

Maskne is a ubiquitous term used by thousands of people or rather a situation faced by many people during this pandemic due to wearing masks.

In detail, maskne is a term given to the skin problem where you develop acne due to the excessive oil production, sweat, and dust around the areas which are covered by masks, altering to breakouts.

Masks have become a particular piece of added accessory to our everyday look whenever we leave the house during this pandemic. Moreover, it’s a necessary tool to live by for future years. Maintaining our safety has become our utmost priority, and that comes at a cost as well. Wearing masks at all times, whether we step out or meet someone, is as crucial as drinking water to survive. But wearing masks has not just provided us with a protective barrier but hindered our skin health too.

Many of us are going through numerous facial problems occurring due to the use of masks. Breathing into the masks 24/7 causes a lot of sweating and moisture inside them and leads to acne, clogged pores and skin breakout as typical symptoms.

Wearing makeup underneath the masks is also a significant issue and for people using chemical-based products, it can create various skin problems when mixed with sweat and moisture.

Also, people wash the masks so there could be some detergent residue within the layers, which, if worn for three-four hours straight, can cause an irritant reaction.

Few tips to overcome these issues: -

1. Wear a cloth mask preferably cotton, for air to pass through.
2. Wash your mask properly and regularly.
3. Use toxin-free products underneath to keep your skin safe.
4. Keep the makeup minimal.
5. Do not wear a mask while you work out.

We have listed out some Maskne essentials that can help you fight against all these skin issues:

1. Vilvah Store Pure Steam Distilled Tea Tree Water, Facial Toner

Looking for a suitable toner for your acne-prone skin? Our premium tea tree water with its anti-bacterial properties prevents acne, hydrates the dull skin while tightening and rejuvenating your skin. By removing dirt and impurities, this acts as a perfect toner for your daily skincare routine.

2. RAS Luxury Oils Luminous, Skin Clearing Face Elixir

Detoxes and cleanses the skin of impurities from deep within that cause acne and other skin imperfections. Purifies the skin to give it a flawless radiance, by clearing as well as preventing acne, spots and blemishes. Nourishes and balances the skin by hydrating and controlling the sebum production, giving you healthy, clear skin.

3. Dr. Sheth's Gulab & Glycolic Toner with Rose Extracts, Glycolic Acid and Green Tea Extracts

Dr. Sheth's Gulab & Glycolic Toner is the first of its kind – dermatologically created exclusively for Indian skin. This product tones, brightens, conditions and exfoliates the skin. Glycolic Acid allows mild exfoliation which enhances penetration of actives from serums and creams. Rose Water (which has been used for ages to refresh skin) along with Aloe Vera and Calendula Extracts calm the skin.

4. Juicy Chemistry Organic Facial Oil for Acne and Blemish Control with Frankincense and Hemp

A concentrated blend of oils that help control and prevent Acne, this facial oil rejuvenates skin, heals Acne marks, and speeds up the recovery process. Also known as the king of oils, Frankincense has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and astringent properties that help prevent and treat Acne infections, reduce redness, and tightens pores.

5. Votre Acne Clearing Over Night Aqua Rich Sleeping Mask, Oil Control

Formulated with witch Hazel & Australian Tea Tree, this purifying mask actively, thoroughly cleans and draws out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers, impurities, and debris. Calendula, Green Tea and Chamomile help nourish skin, leaving it feeling perfectly pure and completely conditioned.

6. Vilvah Store Charcoal Facemask, Aloe Vera Gel, Kaolin Clay & Activated Charcoal

Charcoal facemask comes as a rescue for troubled skin and this is a mini home facial kit which instantly brightens your dull-looking skin. With aloe vera and charcoal as star ingredients, this fights against the pesky spots and blackheads effectively when used on a regular basis.

7. Sapphire Botanics Mud, Face Mask

Detox your skin with our potent blend of clays that absorbs all the bacteria(which in turn reduces acne), impurities and pollutants from your skin. This mask will refresh, brighten and clean up your skin.

8. Vilvah Store Cold-Pressed, Organic Argan Oil

Popularly known as the liquid gold of Morocco, Argan oil is full of antioxidants and vitamins. This non-greasy oil improves skin texture, treats Acne, fight against Damaged Hair, and can be used as a leave-in conditioner.

9. Indulgeo Essentials Volcanic Night Oil

This oil is specially prepared for oily and Acne-prone skin. The base of this oil is 100% organic tamanu oil mixed with 4 other essential oils and witch hazel.
The oil from the Tamanu tree can beautify your skin and solve some of its toughest problems like Acne, inflammatory conditions like eczema and rosacea, and even help prevent long-term sun damage to the skin.

10. Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash for Acne and Pimples with Tea Tree Oil and Neem Extract

Mamaearth’s everyday use Tea Tree Face Wash with Neem helps to control and prevent the development of new Acne and pimples by controlling excessive oil secretion.

11. Sapphire Botanics Glow, Night Repair Elixir

Our Hyper potent blend of high-quality ingredients that will repair your skin, control sebum production, fight acne, correct dark spots and clear uneven skin. Gives you calm, clear and glowing skin.

12. Auli Lifestyle Magic Potion, Mattifying Massage Gel with Aloe Vera and Turmeric

An all-rounder massage gel/moisturizer for oily to combination skin type. Most effective for open pores, excessive oiliness, rashes, allergies, Pigmentation, Acne & Acne scars, rosacea, skin infections, Dark Spots, and sunburns.

13. Mamaearth Oil-Free Face Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin with Apple Cider Vinegar

t delivers long-lasting hydration and retains the natural moisture of the skin. Skin is left feeling smooth, supple & elastic. It removes oil from deep within pores and fights existing Acne & pimples. It closes pores to prevent further breakouts.

14. Khadi Natural Herbal Anti Acne Face Wash with Neem and Tea Tree

Neem & Teatree Face Wash- SLS & Paraben Free pamper your skin with a well-deserved massage each day. Go the natural with this khadi Neem, Tea Tree & basil facewash, and your skin will be free from Acne. It is suitable for all skin types and further removes impurities and prevents pimples.

15. First Water Clear 7, Clarifying Face Wash

Clear 7’s unique formulation for deep cleansing sensitive, Acne-prone skin contains natural antiseptics rich in anti-oxidants such as Indian Lilac and Liquorice to promote a healthy and glowing complexion.

16. Organic Harvest Tea Tree Essential Oil

Organic Harvest Tea Tree Essential Oil relaxes your body, mind & soul. It helps in eliminating Dandruff, improving dry scalp, reducing skin itching, etc. This organic Tea Tree essential oil is great for treating Acne.

17. St. D'vencé Geranium and Witch Hazel Face Wash with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

ST. D’VENCE Geranium oil face wash is formulated with 100% pure and natural Egyptian Geranium oil and Aloe Vera extract for balancing and uplifting the skin. It penetrates deep into your skin and helps to control the production of sebum and keeps the face clean and refreshed.

18. Life and Pursuits Cold-Pressed, Organic Castor Oil

Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil is extracted using the cold-pressed method and not by synthetic solvents, as per the authentic Ayurveda method. This retains all nutrients, fatty acids, and minerals.

19. Iremia Raushan Ayurvedic Face Mask

White Rose when applied on the face reduces redness and calms the skin. Plus since they have astringent and antibacterial properties, it works wonders for people with oily and acne-prone skin. Rose extracts are high in Vitamin C so they help to stimulate collagen and are high in Vitamin E making it a great moisturizer.

20. Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Tea Tree Face Wash

Natural Vibes Tea Tree Face Wash is formulated with powerful ayurvedic ingredients like Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, and Neem. With pollution levels going up the roof, we all need that one face wash that is not only antibacterial and anti-inflammatory but also helps us restore and refresh our skin.

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