Matter cannot be created nor destroyed as long as matter is the materialization of Conscious thoughts–the inevitable outcome of Consciousness. The materialization of the density–mass–weight–shape–structure–form–space–time, and the functioning of conceived thoughts by Consciousnesses. The power of the immaterial–massless–formless–timeless Consciousness.
And Consciousness is synonymous with persona, Image–Character–Personality–Self–Identity.
Consciousness is not created, it is extended or contracted.

What is Man

What is man, but a spirit. In a state of finite awareness:
Where the poor and sick, dwell with the well and wealthy.
And the cold and cruel thrive among the weak and meek.
Mortal and finite is the man. A spirit of utter loneliness:
That is of hollow emptiness, stealing love to quench it’s soul.
Faithless cold and cruel is the character of the son of man.
Love, the character of life. A spirit of absolute aloneness:
That is of infinite fullness, gives life to countless souls.
To expand infinitely in consciousness through man.
In consciousness is life. The unconscious is the source:
And knowing the unconscious, leads to understanding.
The character of life or love, that is mysterious to man.
In the depths of consciousness. In the abyss of the soul:
Be found the source of life, that is infinite awareness.
An unfathomable phenomenon to the mind of man.
In an infinite material universe. In light, space and time:
A quantum of infinite awareness, in a body of finite life.
The mortal man struggles to fathom his immortal soul.
Diabolic is the man of finite awareness. For vanities:
Man has sacrificed love, with which he was created for.
Loving only the self, man is powerless to trust another.
In the absence of trust, man is fearful. In fear do:
The son of man, a state of eternal bondage.
An act of volition, but what is marriage if not bondage.
In Heaven do Sons of God. A state of infinite awareness:
Where marriage is obsolete, and Love is absolute.
An awareness yet to enter into the heart of man.
“In heaven there is no marriage, nor is anyone given in marriage.”
Jesus Christ. Matt. 22:30


There is a purpose for everything under the sun.
A time to be born, and a time to die.
And in between: a time;
to cry and to laugh, to build and to break,
to plant and to pluck, to kill and to heal,
to gather and to embrace, to hate and to love.
A time of war and a time of peace, a time to know each other.
A time of life.
To wonder what will come after life. To decide on a life everlasting.
A life without time. A life without peace. A life without love. A life without God. A life without a friend.
For what is willed, shall be hereafter.
The body will return to dust, and the spirit to it's timelessness.
Everything under the sun will be folded up, heaven and earth, space and time,
by the Eternal who unfolded them, but the spirit abides with the Eternal;
Who remains unseen and unknown by the faithless.
For the spirit of a man is his conscience,
and the spirit of God is the conscience of the Eternal;
and he who has faith in his conscience shall perceive like God,
and behold the Eternal. Without Whom, all is vanity. Ecc.12

© Rohan and Mohan Perera 2011
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Author's Bio: 

Born in Sri Lanka to Dr. and Mrs. Lorenz Perera in 1956.

St. Thomas' Preparatory School, Bandarawella, Sri Lanka.
North Eastern College, Sangre Grande, Trinidad.
Duff Miller London Tutors, London, England.
Hounslow Borough College, London, England. (Science and Biochemistry).
Surrey University, Surrey England. (Chemical Engineering).
Lister and Fairfield Schools of nursing, Hertford and Bedford, England. (Psychiatric and General Nursing).

Drawing from professional and personal experience (Psychiatry & Bible Study), and having experienced life in four countries: Sri Lanka, Trinidad, United Kingdom, and Australia; Ro and Mo write on life, Consciousness / Awareness.