Right Wing or Left Wing:

As in our day to day life, we have come across such terms either on the various news channels or in the newspapers, many of us are still confused with these political terms & even more confused with the which ideology we are following/supporting or exactly which ideology is benefited more for our country.

So let’s drill down these terms and try to understand what exactly they are.

Origin: They are first used in the French revolution,1790, at that time there was monarchy rule in France, some people supported the monarchy while some are opposed to it & they want democratic rule in France.

Now the seating arrangement of the France Parliament was designed in such a way that the People who are seated on the right side of the house are Rich people and supported the Monarchy and while people who seated on the left side wants a change in the current system, they wanted a revolution.

In accordance with this, words like Establishment, Conservative, and Nationalist, etc., are used for Right-Wing, While with the left-wing Revolution, Socialist, Reformists etc. are used.

Current Meaning: From then onwards the meaning in these terms is changed continuously, currently, the USA has the best parliamentary system to support these terms. The USA has two core political parties i.e. Democrats (Left Wing) & Republicans (Right Wing). There are differences in the Opinions, Discussions, Work Process & Policies in both of these ideologies.


Left-Wing Ideology:

Religion & Government should be
• Supports same-sex marriage
• Opposes to the death penalty
• Open to immigration
• Escalate the tax’s on rich people
• Globalization should enhance
• The Government should have intervened
in the economy
• Welfare State
• There should not be free trade

Right-Wing Ideology:
Religion should be related and the
whole country should have one religion.
• They do not support Abortion
• They want a reduction in tax so that
Innovation & Entrepreneurship should
• Restricted Immigration to conserve the
country’s culture
• There should be personal freedom of
• They support the death penalty
• There should be equality for all, No
special protection for minorities

According to the above ideologies, they are chance that people may support the few opinions of the right and few of the left, so here comes new classification as Right Leaning & Left-Leaning, where people who support more opinions of Right-Wing can be termed as Right Leaning & people who support more opinions of Left-Wing can be termed as Left Leaning.

Further Classification: They can be further classified as follows:

• Economically Right
• Economically Left
• Social Right
• Social Left

• Social Right/Left: This will consist of opinions related to Religion, abortion, same-sex marriage, etc.
• Economically Right/Left: In this Intervention of Government into Economy & Institution is considered, much the intervention in Economy more the Left-Leaning & Vice Versa.

Now here comes the Communism & Socialism:

• Communism is often considered as the extreme left-wing, they want the whole control of the government on the economy.
• Socialism is often considered as the center-left Wing, they want the partial control of Government on the Economy.

Left/Right Wing of INDIA:
• Socially Right-Wing Politically Parties: BJP, ShivSena & AIMIM
• Socially Left Wing Politically Parties: Congress, AAP, JDU, TMC & CPI-M

If we consider the Economically Right/Left Wing Parties of India, almost all parties come under the category of Economically Left Wing, because they support the Subsidies & Tax Increment.

While aspects of same-sex marriage & death penalty are not openly supported by any Indian Political Parties, thus the classification of Left & Right-wing is not suited for the Indian government System.

Which is Best Left or Right?

Now the question arises, which is the best Left or Right, while the Answer is CENTRE.

We can surely state this neither left nor is the right better.

• As through our history, we have witnessed that the countries which are extreme left-wing are Russia & China, China had the dictator Mao & Russia had dictator Stalin both are famous for their mass killings.
• The Extreme right-wing countries such as the Middle East countries, who define there the whole country on the basis of a particular religion & if you live in these countries and don’t follow the religious practices then you have to bear the consequences.

It’s better that we should stay away from Both Right & Left-Wing, as both are totally harmful.

But contrary to the above statement there are also some good practices in both Right & Left-wing.

• Is Better to be Economically Right, if we want to open markets to other countries & to increase the economic stabilization, North European countries are a bit of Economical Right.
• Is Better to be Economically Left, if we want Government Intervention on Education & Healthcare, as most successful countries have done this.

Conclusion: We saw the pros & cons of both Right & Left Wing, so it’s always better to lean yourself towards the good opinions & practices from both sides, as our aim should be the same i.e. “A better way for progress and development of the country”.

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