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They're are literally hundreds of programs and systems for consumers for wellness. Find the right products and programs can be costly and frustrating to get the desired results. The Thrive program from Le-Vel is an inexpensive program for individuals to reach fitness goals, feel their best, and the opportunity to make money with products that truly work.


What is Thrive?


The company was founded in 2012, and Thrive has become one of the fastest growing health movements. With over ten million customers and two billion in sales of products sold to date. Thrive is an eight week program that consists of three products; supplements, shake mix and the thrive patch. Coupled with exercise, the program helps boost individuals progress to obtain the best results. Thrive offers products that are specifically formulated for both men, women as well as children. The company also has other lines of products such as Thrive Plus. Which include supplements to aid in the eight week program. Also Thrive has a line specifically for skincare.


The Thrive Program


The first step of the program is the supplement taken in the morning. The supplement is a natural premium grade formula of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, and amino acids. Followed is the shake mix, which also contains all natural similar ingredients to couple with the supplement. The shake mix comes in 4 different flavors which are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and apple pie. The last step is the Thrive Patch that is placed on the skin. Using Derma Fusion Technology, supplements are released over an extended period of time. Helping individuals maintain energy, appetite management, and mental acuity.


Thrive Patch


The thrive patches contain five different ingredients. Forslean, green coffee bean extract, cosmoperine, and garcinia cambogia; these four ingredients that boost weight loss and energy. Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage, aid in metabolism and aid in mental acuity. The body naturally produces Coenzyme Q10, but when individuals aren't producing enough, individuals feel sluggish or have, "brain fog". Coenzyme Q10, another ingredient in the thrive patch, is an antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage, aid in metabolism and aid in mental acuity.


Thrive Patches Options


Le-Vel offers several other patches that are specifically formulated for individuals to continue the fitness and wellness goals. For example is the Thrive Plus Duo Burn which has a special concentration of 95% forslean which aids in weight loss and management. Also, the DFT Ultra 2.0, which the patch has more skin coverage and a higher concentration of forslean and garcinia Cambogia then the DFT Ultra 1.0.

Excellent Opportunity


When Le-Vel was founded, not only was the company's mission to provide the best program for individuals to obtain fitness and wellness goal, but an opportunity to work for the company as a representative. An individual's thrive program journey is an excellent way to show others the products really work. Individuals can sell Thrive products at their own convenience and are rewarded by the company based on sales. Many people use social media as an opportunity to connect with others to share their thrive program progress and network for selling.

The Thrive website contains several Thrive Reviews about people's experiences with the eight week program as well as the other products offered. Many are skeptical to try, were left not only please, but amazed by the results of the Thrive Program! Thrive by Le-Vel is an excellent option using natural ingredients for individuals to get into shape, look and feel their best. Even being a newer company, the numbers and reviews truly show that the Thrive program works.

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