During the process of laser hair removal, laser energy penetrates the skin and kills the root of the hair without damaging the skin. This is the most effective way to get rid of unwanted hairs permanently. But before you can get a treatment, there are a few precautions to take and one of them involves exposure to the sun.

When you expose your skin to the sun, a layer of melanin in your skin will react to it. As time goes by, that damaged melanin will be pushed to the surface of the skin and shed through dead skin cells. This takes about a month. So, after you had a sun bath, wait at least 30 days to let the melanin purge from underneath your skin.

Why is this so important? If you would be treated with heat energy when your skin is (even slightly) touched by the sun, the laser will cause a nasty blister because the dark melanin underneath the surface attracts the laser energy. This concentrated energy is more than the skin can bear!

But for people who are regular tanners, there is an exception. If the melanin and tan colour of the skin is consistent, the laser settings can be adjusted so there would be no risk.

Light skinned people with dark hair are the best candidates for hair removal with laser. Laser hair removal experts Bareskin.co.za told us that the laser energy will almost entirely go to the dark hair follicle. Nowadays, there are different types of lasers available for every skin type. Even Africans can have the possibility of laser hair removal.

Does it hurt to use laser to kill that hair?

Laser hair removal can be a bit painful indeed. Especially the bikini area and the underarms could give some discomfort. Your hair will be killed through heat and that is something you will feel. But after a couple of sessions, the hairs begin to grow back much finer.
So, when you keep going after a few sessions, there will be less pain during your treatment. Keep in mind you are doing it to get your desired results: smooth underarms, soft legs, getting rid of facial hair.

What are typical laser hair removal results?

There is no guarantee that it works 100% for you. It is a fact that Laser hair removal works better on some people than on others. No one can predict what the percentage of hair regrowth will be. Some people notice that some hairs start growing again after only a couple of months.

Others –the lucky ones! - never have to shave again. After a complete laser treatment that typically takes 4-6 sessions, 70-80 percent reduction in hair growth is the normal result.

Does Hair Removal with Laser Really Work?

YES, it works. BUT. not for 100%! Smart people (marketeers) don’t call it “removal” much anymore, they talk about “Laser hair Reduction”.

Your body hair grows at different times and the laser only kills it during its growing phase, so it takes repeated treatments. Then a lot depends on the used laser equipment and the skills of the technician. It is advisable to shop around, try to get a guarantee or a place that will give free touch-ups if the hair comes back.

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