If you are part of any chemical project, the term Jacketed Glass Reactor might be very common to you. However, for the rest Jacketed Glass Reactor might sound so bombarding. Thus, as the best Jacketed Vessels supplier in Gujarat, Ablaze Glassworks in this blog explains about the definition and uses of Jacketed Glass Reactor.
Jacketed Glass Reactors are called the heart of any chemical system. Simply, it is a vessel within a glass jacket used for heating and cooling fluids. The vessel and glass jacket of a Jacketed Glass Reactor are not in contact. Ablaze Glassworks Jacketed Glass Reactor are designed with unique inlet and outlet for circulation of the fluid. If required, the jacket is designed with a nozzle for venting.
There is no doubt that during heating of fluid in Jacketed Glass Reactor, there is heat transfer between the vessel and the glass jacket. Ablaze Glassworks engineers ensure that in every Jacketed Glass Reactor, the glass jacket is in minimal contact with the volume of the reactor. For Temperature Control Unit (TCU) compatibility, the nozzle of Jacketed Glass Reactor has M16/M30 universal connections.
Ablaze Glassworks, Gujarat offers three kinds of Jacketed Glass Reactor – Normal Jacketed, Single Jacketed and Double Jacketed. The Single Jacketed and Double Jacketed reactors are meant for specialized reaction purpose. Double Jacketed reactors are meant for extra insulation.
On ordering Jacketed Glass Reactor at Ablaze Glassworks, a set of accessories are also offered along with. The accessories of a Jacketed Glass Reactor include valves, drive and supporting structure.
If you are looking to get in touch with best Jacketed Vessels Suppliers in Gujarat or thin film evaporated, do consider Ablaze Glassworks in the list. Please understand, due to the high technicality, Ablaze Glassworks offers Jacketed Glass Reactor on pre-order basis only.
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