It's a kind of spiritual Rorshach Test, speaking to one of the rare people living on earth today who has attained the permanent state of consciousness known as "Enlightenment."

Would you make a fool of yourself? I have. But first things first....

Have you ever talked to someone spiritually Enlightened?

Probably not. Not yet chatted or gossiped or hugged or been healed by or argued with or been embarrassed in front of.

The odds are against it so far. Not personal. A matter of numbers.

In my work, and blog, I have found it useful to compile a lifetime Enlightenment Life List: .

So far I have accumulated a roster of just 94 people who have been self-realized to such an extent that they could officially, credibly, be designated as permanently spiritually Enlightened.


The definition I use comes from having developed full energetic literacy. That means being able to read people's auras in depth and detail, or being able to do Skilled Empath Merges, in person or from photos. Once you have gained these normal, human, everyday literacy skills, you apply them while watching TV, listening to a CD, or simply hanging out, etc.

You know, just the way you use your Gutenberg Literacy Skills whenever you choose.
Enlightenment isn't a matter of degree, any more than being pregnant. Either a person has the mind-body-spirit set o' goodies or else that person -- though probably lovely and huggable and smart and otherwise fabulous --simply isn't ready yet for the Enlightenment Life List.
To count as Enlightened, a person must:

• Be using the full set of gifts in his/her hundreds of chakra databanks.
• Carry no discernable STUFF in any chakra databanks.
• Have a pretty good balance among all the chakra databanks -- no out-to-the-moon here and squished-up 2-incher there.
• Live with an underlying quality of joy -- the Divine signature.

You may well have read books by Enlightened beings, including Jeffrey Chappell's "Answers from Silence." You may have seen their photos or visited their websites. Whether or not you knew about the concept of Enlightenment, you have seen their movies or heard their CDs. (At the Enlightenment Life List, I add links to help you wallow in these luscious presences.)

But what is it like to actually hang out and talk to somebody Enlightened? That experience has changed for me, as I've evolved. Maybe you could skip past my silly Stage 1, just hearing the tale.


On the Enlightenment Life List at the blog "Deeper Perception Made Practical," I have put an asterisk next to the name of Enlightened folk I have personally met, so far numbering 19.

First ones I met were spiritual teachers: Ram Dass and then Maharishi Mahesh Yogi -- loads of time spent with that second guy, as our guru-disciple relationship was the central fact of my life for decades. I also had brief interactions with Jerry Jarvis, Charlie Lutes, Helena Olson and a great Rig Veda pundit, Brahmarishi Deverath. It felt like...

Having a Conversation with God

I don't think it was just me, either. Anyone talking with an Enlightened being is having a conversation with God.

It's not just the usual conversation with God, through human beings made in the image and likeness of God and filled to the brim with God presence -- if only we noticed.

It's not merely the usual conversation with God because each of us is filled to the brim with God presence -- if only we noticed.

No, it's more. Because someone Enlightened is an extra-concentrated version of God being present in human form.

Therefore, your way of engaging in conversation with someone Enlightened is like a cosmic Rorschach Test, where the ink blot/face in front of you has God's uncanny eyes. And they are looking straight into you.


For me, back in the day, my sense of self was intensified. I felt like "Dorothy the Meek" introducing herself to the Wizard of Oz.

Mostly I noticed my insecurities, neurotic schticks, limitations, pimples, etc.

Mostly I noticed the Enlightened person's wisdom, glow, steadiness... and long, long, long, long distance from the likes of me.

I asked everything that I could, under the circumstances. If that Enlightened person would only, only tell me:

• My purpose
• What to do with my entire life
• What to do right now
• What would be my next step
• The simple-answer of anything important really, like "How to become enlightened"
• And "What did YOU do and what is it like for YOU" -- as if Enlightenment could be caught by hearing another's most deeply personal experience, caught like a cold... and simple as crushing on some movie star

Actually, many people turn to psychic readings with exactly the same kind of need.

There's an assumption that somebody who can deliver a spiritual reading, however accurate, is "in touch with God" in a way that "little old me" cannot be.

Being in the presence of my "almighty" guru, how my knees would shake, my saliva production go to wild extremes, my emotions fly around the room like squawking geese.

In short, I was all too willing to give away what little personal power I had. Spiritual self-authority was a concept I would not develop for decades.

• Self-authority means being in contol of your mind.
• Self-authority means valuing your own feelings, ideas, point of view.
• Self-authority means having a personal sniff test that every single person must have for your life.
• Self-authority is required for Enlightenment, also for having a half-way decent life as a human adult, and everything in-between.


Decades and loads of self-authority later, I have a very different way of hanging out with people who are Enlightened.

Even though not There yet, personally, I'm close enough to value myself. I feel zero need to turn the Enlightened person into more of a God than myself.

Talking to Mr. Enlightenment (Jeffrey Chappell) or Judy Lavine or Larry Garrett or Donna Eden or Tantra Maat or Bill Bauman -- I don't have to fancy up or feel self-conscious. I'm just myself.

Yet, thinking about my recent official interview with Mr. Enlightenment, I realize that there are certain common qualities to talking with any of these Enlightened folks who are in my life now.

It's an easy conversation. Different though every Enlightened person is as a super-quirky and distinctive individual, there is never an edge.

Nobody Enlightened will get angry at me for no good reason or misinterpret my words.

Nobody Enlightened needs to play games with me, take advantage, or take offense.

No other kind of conversation could be more relaxing. You're going to be fully accepted, totally seen, no matter what.

In short, when talking with an Enlightened person, you can be yourself. On a human level, that is all the Enlightened person does, too.

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