For people who is not familiar with coaching might be wondering: what is coaching? And why it's getting so strong tool?  Well coaching is not only a tool, is a life-transforming experience once you apply it.  There are many branches of coaching or niches directed to certain specialties.  You will find for example job transition coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, mentor coaching, spiritual coaching and so on.  If you search, you will find. 

Coaching may be given in form of one on one coaching session, programs where group coaching also take place oriented to specific needs. In form of workshops, seminars, tele-seminars, etc. Coaching is a very powerful tool oriented to self wellness and then to everything else.  Coaching take place in a co-creative process and it happens all the time.  Because it is not a one weekend workshop or a simple conversation over the phone; it's a way of life.  Coaching engage the heart as well as your mind to create a high-performance lifestyle.  Hiring a Coach to work with your company department or with a committed single mom that wants to transform her life; you will get a high-performing team and an extremely empowered woman getting extraordinary results (I love the sound of those words!).  Coaching is about guidance and self discovery.  Promote knowledge, sense of community, spirituality, mindset, relationship skills, self awareness, strategic planning, time framed action plan with committed follow up and continuous support process.

A coach will guide you, support you, bring new perspectives, and will guide you through the art of question to self-discovery and be aware of every opportunity in your life.  The kind of coaching you need will be depending on what you are looking forward to achieve in your life and how committed you are about it.  
Are you still wondering why is coaching so great? Well, there is no need to run, when your heart knows how to fly! And when you experience in flesh and practice actively every coaching tool and get the benefits of its results; you will find yourself in places of self-realization that you never imagine (that's when you fly!) and then, teach others to do the same. And that is extremely exiting if you feel a strong calling of service.

Coaching for Business is growing because it's about truly taking care of each other. Coaches are not super-heroes... Coaches are people too. Well prepared and professional people with great vision, outrageous commitment and high-impact tools to make the difference in your personal life and working place.  Coaches are deadly serious about bring up transforming results wherever they set a foot.  I surely know... I'm one of them! And I assure you, there are many ways to achieve a goal.  As a go-getter myself having experience and practice as much as I breathe every coaching tool and opportunity to pay it forward; Coaching is, by far, the most effective tool to bring results of self-realization you always wanted.  No matter the niche, the coaching language is the same: Love and Professionalism translated into action, prosperuty and wellness results.

So get a coach! And enjoy the ride! Life is happening RIGHT NOW!

Author's Bio: 

Saritza is founder of Fine Edge Coaching, a company devoted to teaching high caliber leaders to reach up their mastery manifestation in their life. Creator of high-impact master leadership programs in Puerto Rico.  Known as Nada Coach for her talent of awaken masters out of conventional leaders. She supports leaders to translate their leadership power into consciousness and inner connection by mastering their life purpose. Certified Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance), latin magazine collaborator, formal CTA, ICF & Top Women Coaches member. Certified Coach, Speaker and transformational trainer specialized in master leadership skills and distinctions.

Saritza is well respected expert known for combining strategic and spiritual leadership techniques with inspiring and powerful mastery context that works. To experience Saritza´s coaching programs visit