The concept of astrology is based on the alignment of planets and stars in certain positions, which have a significant effect on the lives of the people. When a person is born, the alignment of the celestial bodies is noted on a paper which is termed as the birth chart. The reading of this birth chart is essential to understand the situations in life and to foretell anything about the near future. But due to the intensity and vastness of this subject, not everyone can read a birth chart, it required a truly learned and experienced astrologer to lend the correct astrological solutions.

Astrology is an ancient form of science, which has been a part of Indian history from the Vedic period. This is a treasure of the Hindu culture which was created by the wise and enlightened souls and has been preserved over centuries for the benefit of the people. This form of science is based on reading the birth chart of the person who wants solutions for his or her problems.

The birth chart is very popular in India and abroad as most of the Indian people believe in it. Now there is much software available in the market through which an authentic birth chart can be prepared with the help of the birth time, birthday, date and place of the child. But only expert astrologer can read and understand the birth chart.

Provided below is a detailed understanding of the concept of chart reading.

The Indian astrology is based on 12 houses in the birth chart, which includes the zodiacs and nine planets. The counting is in a counter-clockwise direction from east to downwards and it starts from Aries. The astrology birth chart with 12 houses and nine planets is called Kundli Chakra or horoscope. This chart is very useful to interpret a person's attitude, health, finance, relationships, and other aspects as well as to make predictions about his future.

The chart is divided into 12 zodiac signs which are as follows:

The houses are always fixed with the top one being the first and so on. The first house is termed as Ascendant. All the houses have an influence on specific parts of our lives.

Apart from the houses, there are nine planets namely: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. The symbols used to indicate them are Su, Mo, Ma, Me, Ju, Ve, Sa, Ra, and Ke respectively.

These planets also store strong energies as stated below:

Sun is the ruler which signifies our soul and ego.
The moon shows intuition, emotions, mother, the queen, the homeland, the childhood.
Mars refers to aggressive energy and vitality.
Mercury states fun, enjoyment, wooer, but can also be a good businessman.
Jupiter is termed as the guru, the teacher, the wisdom.
Venus is known for beauty, creativity, pleasures, etc.
Saturn states discipline, structure, hard work
Rahu shows an intense and uncontrollable desire
Ketu represents indifference
Hence, by using the divine powers and knowledge of placement as well as the effect of these planets and houses, a genuine astrologer can foretell the future and provide efficient solutions for all problems in life.

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