How can we help others? When we are asked for help – should we give them some money, food, or should we try to teach them to earn for themselves?

It is impossible to generalize all poor people or life situations. Nor it is possible to generalize people who are asked to help them. Therefore, it is not advisable to say “Don’t you ever help poor people with money” or “Yes, if they ask money from you, just give it.”

What really matters is whether your help stems from your heart or not. If you help those people as a result of your previous decision, for example, “I’ll always give some money to poor people, whenever they ask for it” or “I’ll never give money to them, I’ll be always trying to direct or teach them how to earn some money for living,” that’s not a genuine help. That’s a mind’s decision, a generalized one, which doesn’t have inner strength to really help people.

On the other hand, if you are fully present, here and now, without any unnecessary thoughts, all your decisions and actions will be perfect. You will be acting from your Heart. Everything you do will be in complete accordance with the Universe, or, if you like, with the God’s Will. So is the case with helping people, too.

Here is some practical guidance that might be helpful:

When you are in a dilemma whether to help somebody or not, just enter the state of Presence, the thoughtless state of being here and now. While being in that state, try to feel the dilemma. Ask yourself: “Should I help her/him?” Stay in that Presence. If an answer pops up in any form, great. If not, be patient and try again. The answer will come, sooner or later. You will simply know what to do. You will feel it.

When you meet a person who asks for your help, whether they ask for money or not, you should immediately enter the state of Presence. Be here and now, without any thoughts. Feel yourself right from your heart, from the center of your being. Try to feel that person and all your surroundings from your heart as well. Give yourself a few moments to abide in that Presence, a divine state of Pure consciousness. You will soon know what to do. Your action will be perfect and you will know that, without any involvement of your mind. Perhaps you will give a hand to the person, or maybe you will do something else, which is otherwise unexpected, but genuine. Whatever you do, it’ll be perfectly suitable to you, to that person, to that moment and to the whole Universe. By doing that way, you will certainly help that person in the long run, in the best possible way.

However, if you do help the person from the state of Presence, the very act of helping is actually not of much importance. The divine state of Presence, which is in the background of that act, is far more important. That state will subtly ennoble your action and will delicately influence both you and the person who you help to. You will help both.

For more guidance on how to enter the state of Presence and what are the things one should be aware of when it comes to helping others, you can check my website or the book “Inner Peace, Outer Success.” Of course, there are many other resources out there, just check it out on the Internet and find those answers which you deeply resonate with.

To conclude: whatever you do, if you do it from your Heart, from the state of Presence, it will be in a perfect accordance with the whole existence.

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Nebo D. Lukovich is the creator of the Reintegration System, one of the newest breakthroughs in the development of human consciousness. Based on timeless spiritual principles and compatible with modern science, the Reintegration System is a versatile tool, applicable in all areas of our daily lives. It teaches us that we can indeed wake up and attain both inner liberation and outer wealth, without suffering, but through wisdom and expansion of our consciousness.

As you can see in his book “Inner Peace, Outer Success” and other texts, Nebo's greatest passion is spiritual work and writing. He has been researching and practicing various spiritual and psychological systems and techniques for more than 25 years.

Nebo was born 1972 and lives with his wife and two teenage children in Montenegro, a country in Europe. Although he prefers a peaceful family life, his experience in spiritual work (both personal and with friends and acquaintances) often calls on him to engage in personal coaching and educational work in the field of personal transformation.

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