For many companies that conduct their businesses online, getting a high Google ranking is of the topmost priority. If you conduct your business out of the UAE, you would normally think of investing in an SEO campaign in the UAE to get your business rolling or get a top slot for the desired keywords. It is also to be noted that a top-ranking also means different things to different businesses. Nevertheless, it is important to explore what is the value that a top ranking in Google adds to an online business.
Ranking Number
Statistically, a large percentage of the clicks go to the topmost search results. It is estimated that 33% of the traffic goes to the first entry, 15% to the next, 9% to the third and plummeting after that. Any SEO company in the UAE will vouch for the fact that about 75% of the clicks always end up on page one of the search results.
If you are at the number one position for a term that is related to a keyword target searched for about 1000 times, you can hope to get about 300 clicks on your site.
Search Term Type
Branded searches, navigational searches, informational search, and long-tailed keywords are those involving greater importance of higher rankings (winner-takes-all WTA searches).
Other search terms have a reasonably equal distribution of clicks whatever be the ranking, high or low (level-playing-field LPF searches). These are for items with competitive markets when customers are shopping around. The best examples are location-based searches.
Ranking very high for LPF queries could mean less traffic share than for WTA terms. You can take the advice of any reputed SEO agency in the UAE to help you with this matter for your online business. They would help you get a fair share of the traffic to your website by picking the right type of search terms if you have decided to run an SEO campaign in the UAE.

The Worth of a Ranking
To analyze how much a ranking would be worth to your business, let us look at an example.
Considering a low-search-volume software sales example, the first step is to identify the average value of a sale. In case it is a software solution package say, costing about USD 20000, the next step is to determine the number of visitors hitting your site who may end up purchasing this product. In this case, let us assume that it is about 1 per cent.
The third step is to identify the search volume for specific key terms that you have decided to use. The total search volume may be higher than that specified in the AdWords keyword tool as similar terms may generate additional traffic. Let us take up 500 searches for this specific example.
Depending on whether the search term is WTA or LPF type query, the next step involves calculating the percentage of clicks that your site is likely to receive at positions 1 – 5. Whereas the first rank position would get you 30% of the clicks, the third would get you 9% as described above.
The value of the customer clicks depend on many major factors such as the market competition, that is, high-volume and high-value keywords are more efficient. The placement of AdWords ads is also very relevant. Very relevant ads placed above the organic search results are likely to garner between 10% and 30% CTR.
You should know that language and country settings also control the market that you are currently researching. Common ad matching types offered by Google control the ads’ distribution. You can get your grip on these by approaching those efficient in Google AdWords management in Dubai.
Calculating the sales value according to the ranking position goes about like this:
USD 20000 (avg sales value) x 1% (conversion rate) x 500 searches x 9% (rank conversion)
This would result in a value of USD 9000 which can be interpreted thus:
A ranking at 3rd place on the Google search page could generate revenues of USD 9000 in sales per month. However, the next step for you is to raise your business ranking to the second position. Here’s how they will help you decide.
They will first estimate the conversion rates for the 2nd position. Say it is 15 per cent. Then the increase in monthly revenues can be got by replacing 9% in the previous calculation with the difference between 15 and 9. That is, the equation now becomes USD 20000 (avg sales value) x 1% (conversion rate) x 500 searches x (15 -9) % (rank conversion).
In this case, the revenue generated will be USD 6000. It is time for you to decide whether the revenue justifies your investment in SEO. Ensure that you approach affordable SEO audit services in Dubai who will help you in this. As such, it is an expensive affair to run SEO campaigns.
Any online business that rests majorly on natural search traffic is known to have slight discounts otherwise. However, this discount is minor and in some cases almost imperceptible. In such a case, the business is backed by high-quality content and has clean backlinks profiles associated with its site.
The point is that such businesses should not rest easy and not pay attention to other factors such as broadening the traffic via marketing email campaigns, mature PPC campaigns, and making a mark via social media campaigns. These are reasonable steps that a business should take care of even if Google drives a majority of the organic traffic coming to the site. You can obtain this kind of help from an all SEO company in Dubai. They will help your business boat to stay afloat at all times and go up one step in maximizing the value of your website. However, you should also keep in mind that a company with great rankings is more valuable than another company that does the same amount in sales but lower in rankings.

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