You all must have been thinking that Google AdWords is pretty simple, right? You can run ads to leverage many benefits such as generate more leads and revenue. Through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you can boost products sale online. You can bring more traffic to your website. But, unfortunately, it’s not that straightforward. There are other things to take care of.

In today’s time, businesses are using SEO services and Google Ads Services to improve the overall traffic and ranking of their websites.

Well, here in this article we will discuss- What is Google AdWords? Types of Google Ads and the benefits of Google AdWords as an advertising platform.

This article describes everything about Google Ads.

Google Ads can effectively advertise to users who use the Internet.

There are many types of Google Ads, each has different characteristics.

Here, we will introduce the contents of several types of Google Ads and their advantages and disadvantages.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a web advertising service provided by Google.

There are various types of Ads such as "display advertisements", "listing advertisements", "video advertisements", "app campaigns", and "shopping advertisements". All these types of advertisements, advertising medium, content, and advertising materials vary for each.

To use Google Ads, you need to create your account Ads-

Sign up here - Start placing ads on Google.

With Google Ads, not only advertising, but also impressions, CTR, user data, etc. can be acquired, and advertising operations can be performed based on that.

In addition, since it is possible to set targets such as user attributes and place advertisements, efficient operation is possible toward results.

Most of the advertising fee-billing methods are charged based on the results such as clicks, and since it is possible to operate while setting a budget, there is also a feature that there is no worry that the advertising fee will be exceeded.

Types of Google Ad

There are many types of Google Ads, each with its own characteristics.

I will explain the types here and its features of each advertisement.

1. Display Advertising-

Display ads are ads that are displayed as text, images, or videos in the inventory of blogs and websites of partners who have a contract with Google.

The display location and size of the advertisement may be set by the partner or Google may automatically set it with AI.

If it is a personal computer, it is often displayed at the top or the horizontal edge of the screen, and if it is a smartphone, it is generally displayed at the top or bottom of the article.

Unlike search-linked advertisements, advertisements are displayed according to the content of the blog or site that the user is browsing and user information, so there is an advantage that you can expect to find potential customers.

In addition, images and videos that have an impact on users can also lead to recognition of products and services.

Advertising costs are performance charges when clicked or when results are achieved.

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2. Listing Advertisement-

Listing ads are text ads that appear at the top of search results when users search using Google.

It is also called "search-linked advertising" or "PPC (Pay Per Click)". The name in Google Ads is "Listing Ads". Since ads are displayed according to the search keyword, ads that match the user's interests may be displayed, so it can be said that it is an advertising method that is easy to achieve results.

Advertising costs are set up for each keyword, and the higher the bid amount, the higher the bid.

There is no advertising cost just to be displayed, and you will be charged for each click.

Popular keywords that are searched frequently will inevitably have a high ad unit price, so it is important to operate them while considering the balance of cost-effectiveness.

Linked page settings are also an important factor in the final result, such as purchasing or registering after clicking on an ad.

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3. Video Ads-

Video ads are video ads that run on Google video ad partner sites, blogs, and YouTube.

The most common video ads are video ads delivered on YouTube.

It is possible to decide which media to distribute to on the management screen.

Video ads delivered within YouTube videos will be delivered before or during the start of the video, which has the advantage of attracting a lot of attention and interest from users.

In addition, video and audio advertisements are more likely to leave an impression on the viewer than text and images and can be expected to have a high appealing effect.

Advertising costs are charged based on the cost per click and the length of the ad delivery time.

It's a great way to achieve results and increase awareness, but you also have to consider the high cost of advertising videos because you have to make them yourself.

If you can't make it in-house, you often ask the best digital Marketing Company in India to make it, but since it is necessary to keep in close contact with the image of the product or service, the purpose of the advertisement, etc., it takes a certain number of days before the advertisement is placed. You need to consider what it takes.

4. App Campaign-

App campaigns promote iOS apps and Android apps on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, etc.

Since it supports the creative creation of advertisements from the application information etc., it is possible to immediately advertise the application even if there is no creativity.

It is an advertising method that is specialized for apps among Google Ads.

The destination of the advertisement is "Google Search", "Google Play", "YouTube", "Google Display Network (network application such as Gmail)", and when you tap the advertisement, you will be taken to the download screen.

The operation is automated and the setting of advertisement placement is relatively easy.

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5. Shopping Ads-

Shopping ads are ads where store names, product names, prices, etc. are displayed at the top or right side of the Google search screen.

When you place an ad in the "Shopping Campaign" of Google Ads, it will be displayed on the search screen according to the keyword searched by the user.

Also, when the searching user does a "shopping search", all shopping ads will be displayed instead of the website results.

Since you can check the product image and price on the search screen, there is little difference from the user image, and the advantage is that the quality of CTR is improved.

Since the store name is displayed, it is also an advantage that it leads to the appeal of user recognition.

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Benefits of Google Ads

With Google Ads, you can freely set a budget for advertising expenses.

In addition, since most of the advertising costs are paid for results such as click billing, cost-effectiveness is easy to expect and the hurdle for entry is not so high.

Media advertisements such as TV and magazines require advertising costs when they are placed, so it is necessary to spend time on budgets and measures.

In that respect, Google Ads is charged for advertising depending on the results, and the upper limit can be set freely.

Since it is possible to acquire data related to various advertisements such as impressions, CPM, and CTR, it is possible to operate while analyzing them.

The big advantage of Google Ads is that you can switch spending on and off according to your policies, objectives, and goals.

Disadvantages of Google Ads

Google Ads has low entry hurdles and is easy to get started, but the disadvantage is that there are many competitors due to the characteristics of the ads.

Especially for listing ads, the order in which the ads are displayed is determined by setting keywords and bidding for each keyword.

As a result, advertising costs are high for popular keywords, so you need to overestimate your budget.

In addition, keyword selection, bidding amount balance, advertisement expression content, etc. require some knowledge and experience, and it is also necessary to consider securing human resources and the cost of outsourcing.

In Shorts

Google ads include "display ads," "listing ads," "video ads," "app campaigns," and "shopping ads."

Google Ads allows you to check a lot of data such as impressions, CTR, and user trends of the ads you have posted.

Most of the advertising costs of Google Ads are based on performance charges.

The big advantage of Google Ads is that it is easy to enter and you can operate it while switching spending on / off and settings according to measures, purposes, acquired data, etc.

Because the entry hurdle is low and it is easy to start, there is a disadvantage that there are many competitors, and advertising costs tend to be high in the case of bidding such as listing advertisements.

I hope this article would help you to get started with running your first Google Ad for your business. Are you a marketer and don’t have too much time to monitor and optimize your AdWords every day?

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