What is God?

There is no way you could ever answer this question accurately, but I will just try the impossible...

First we have to ask ourselves: "Did God actually create everything?"

Let's just imagine god created everything what is existing in the world today for now:

One day god decided that he needed a new little project because he was bored so he built a big expanding universe with billions of stars, planets, moons and many more things. Another day he decided he wanted something he would be able to care for so he formed a planet which is flying around a star and who has an average temperature of about 14 degrees Celsius. He then created dinosaurs. Sadly a little later another thing he had created - a meteor - destroyed what he had created with so much work: The dinosaurs. After a little time of feeling down he decided to start over and put new live on the planet, he decided to build millions of different species and also something very special: An animal looking quite similar to him which was supposed to rule about all the other animals and which later also should protect the world from those. Therefore he then invented a baby which their parents called Isaac Newton.

Now in this case it seems like god actually was there before everything and ever will be there, he is immortal and will welcome who eventually dies and enters heaven - he always existed and always will.

But we all probably don't really believe that god actually created everything anymore...

You could say god created the singularity before the big bang which would lead to the same result, which is that god has always existed and always will, but there are even more explanations:

Christians have many names for god one of them is "father". And in the bible it says god created the world, the only question is, what if god isn't a person?

I think it would be a possible way to explain god, that god actually was the singularity before the big bang: we all would be his "sons" then and he had created the world then, too. This would mean he just existed for one moment

But there is another explanation for which we have to ask ourselves: Does god actually exist if we don't believe in him? Is there only one god for all religions and he has different names or are there many gods for each religion one?

And what if god is actually just existing for so long as you believe into him? This would mean that god actually is something created by your brain which in the version you believe he is dies the moment you die.

I guess there are many more explanations and everyone has to figure out for himself which one he believes in.


Here are some quotes on God by great authors

“We can’t afford to be without God, Feliks continued. “Even if he doesn”t exist, we have to hold on to him. Because if we don’t, then how are we to convince ourselves that we have to go on with this fight? If you take God out of it, then right and justice become small, human things. And weak things, too.” – Alexander Mccall Smith

“A God without dominion, providence, and final causes, is nothing else but fate and nature.” – Alexander Pope

“All are but parts of one stupendous whole, Whose body Nature is, and God the soul.” – Alexander Pope


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Sunil Rajpal

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