Fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs in some of the foods you eat and drinks. It is also available in water. The mineral has proved to be beneficial when it comes to dental care. This is because it strengthens your teeth and also keeps you free from a variety of dental conditions. Fluoride is found in a variety of products meant for oral care. What varies is their level of concentration in each one of them. Products meant for fluoride treatments have a higher concentration of the mineral compared to those meant for regular use in dental care. One of the products you should try out is fluoride varnish. It is a type of golden gel with high levels of fluoride and is applied to the teeth during such a treatment.

Before application, your dentist will examine your teeth to check out a few things like their condition and whether you are suffering from any dental illness. This can help them establish the right concentration or amount of fluoride for your teeth. You might be taken through a dental cleaning procedure to ensure your teeth are in an ideal state for such a treatment. Hard stains will be removed, and prophy paste can be used in the process to help in getting rid of such stains and leave the surface of your teeth smooth for fluoride action.

How Fluoride Varnish Treatment Works

The process is very simple because it only involves the application of the product on your teeth. No anesthesia injection will be required because everything is non-invasive. Your dentist will then apply fluoride varnish on your teeth in the right amounts. Other options you may try out for your fluoride treatment is the use of tablets or a rinse that contains high levels of the mineral. Fluoride varnish is applied on the surface of your teeth using a special brush that helps ensure that it is spread uniformly. After application, you will be required to stay with it on your teeth for some time. This is to ensure your teeth absorb all the fluoride in the varnish that has been applied.

You are also not supposed to eat or drink anything during that period. You can brush and spit the fluoride varnish moments after it has been used on your teeth. One thing your dentist can do to make you have the best experience from this kind of treatment is using flavored fluoride varnish for your treatment. This makes everything easier for you. It is that simple, and you are guaranteed strong and healthy teeth after the process.

There are several things you may be required to do after the procedure to ensure the fluoride applied to your teeth works effectively.  Your dentist will advise you not to brush or floss your teeth immediately after the process. You have to wait for some hours for fluoride to be absorbed and work effectively on your teeth. The other aftercare procedure you will be advised to follow is avoiding hot foods and beverages. They may also affect how the product works on your teeth. Following any advice given will help ensure your treatment is successful.

Fluoride varnish treatment can also be done by yourself at home. You don't have to visit a dentist all the time. This saves you a lot of money and time. To carry out this procedure successfully by yourself, you should get the right products and equipment for the process. Get a good brush or applicator that will ensure it is applied effectively on your teeth. Most people use their regular toothbrush, and this may not bring out quality results.

You should also look for the right brand of fluoride varnish product. There is a variety of them you can find in your regular pharmacies and some online stores. Identifying the right type helps you get something that is of the desired quality for your treatment. Do your research to know quality brands of fluoride varnish in your area. You can seek assistance from your dentist before carrying out such treatment by yourself.

The Right Amount of Fluoride Varnish For Your Treatment

Identifying how much fluoride varnish you require for your treatment may be somehow difficult. First of all, you have to understand that this is a procedure that should be carried out at least twice or thrice in a year. High levels of fluoride can be dangerous to your teeth. They can lead to wearing out. You should, therefore, apply this product in the correct amounts to avoid experiencing any after-effects. Here are some of the things that will help you know the right concentration of fluoride to use on your teeth.

Your Condition

The severity of your dental condition can help you identify the amount of fluoride varnish to use for your treatment. One state that may require you to apply fluoride varnish is cavities or cracks that form on your teeth. Tooth decay is also another condition. If they seem severe, then you may be required to use more fluoride for your treatment. Those who are using it for specific preventive measures can try it in minimal amounts. The best thing to do is to visit a dentist who will examine the condition of your teeth and advice on the right amount of fluoride to use for your treatment.


Your age category can also determine the amount of fluoride to be used for your treatment. It is safe for kids, but it should be used in minimal amounts because they have small and developing teeth. Kids between the age of 4 to 6 and 7 to 10 do require different doses of the mineral compared to adolescents and adults. There are several sources where you will find a guideline on fluoride therapy that will help you understand the right amount for your treatment depending on your age and other factors.

Tooth Strength

The strength of your teeth will also help you determine the ideal concentration to use for your treatment. You can gauge the strength of your teeth by its sensitivity levels or your ability to consume certain types of food. They may even start wearing out more often, and this is something that requires you to undergo fluoride varnish treatment. Understanding all these will help you choose the right concentration of the product for your treatment.

A precautionary measure you should observe is avoiding such a treatment when you have an injured mouth or gums. Fluoride may cause itchiness when it comes into contact with the injuries on your mouth or gums. Undergoing such a procedure can help you save a lot of money. You should introduce your kids to it at an early age because it will help them develop strong and healthy teeth as they grow. The chances of incurring any costs in the future as a result of dental conditions that you did not prevent early are minimal. They will develop strong and healthy teeth as they grow when you subject them to fluoride varnish treatment at an early age. Set aside enough money in your budget for this procedure so that you can have it done on you twice or thrice in a year.

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