I introduced the concept of Feminine Grace™ ten years ago in the first edition of Men Made Easy. It’s the foundation by which a woman should live her life, if she wants to be her happiest, with an immeasurable capacity to give and receive love.

I’m working on finishing the book so many woman are wanting, titled “Feminine Grace, a Step-by-Step Guide To a Brand New You.” But in the meantime, I get a lot of questions about what Feminine Grace™ is. So here is a description of the thing that I’ve found has led me to live the most amazing life, shared with the most lovely, funny, sexy, smart and kind man I’ve ever known.

An excerpt from Men Made Easy:
Feminine Grace™ is when a woman is truly happy being a woman. She is comfortable with her femininity without being overtly sexual. Feminine Grace is coming into rapport with being a woman and loving it in every way.

For example, a corporate woman can attempt to compete with men and try to be equal, which is impossible. An apple and an orange, while still fruit, will never be the same. Or she can be fully a woman, confident in her own expertise and knowledge, interacting with others as a woman, not an approximation of a man.

That kind of woman is respected by her peers, male and female, not resented or looked down on. She dresses as a woman, not as a man, but, understanding and respecting men, she’s careful not to be sexual in her attire. Men say they cannot work with a woman who dresses sexy and not think about sex. It’s a matter of decorum, taste, style, and self-respect, mixed with a desire to let her beauty show through.

With Feminine Grace™:
You don’t need a man to feel complete, but you’re happy to admit if you want one.
You’re empowered by being a woman, never using it as an excuse.
You’re comfortable being you and like who you are.
You enjoy expressing your uniqueness in how you look, not following trends.
You’re eager to learn, grow, and improve yourself.
You express yourself with knowledgeable confidence.
You know who you are and you’re proud of it.
You like your body and how you look, and you take care of yourself.
You take responsibility for your life, not blaming others for your circumstances.
You’re happy from within, not needing others to make you happy.
You like people and people like you.
You genuinely like and appreciate men.

Some well-known modern icons of Feminine Grace™ are Tova Borgnine, Sophia Loren, Maya Angelou, and Susan Sarandon. Some who continue to leave their mark on the world, even after their death, are Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, and Grace Kelly.

Women who embody Feminine Grace™ are comfortable with themselves. They enjoy their individuality, without the need for competition. They genuinely like men. Their sexuality flows freely and effortlessly.

What they do, they do with confidence and grace. Men and women like and respect them, and their beauty glows from within. These women are beautiful, but not because they’re fashion queens. They’re beautiful because they know who they are and they like themselves.

They do their creative best to look and be their best every day in every way, working with their natural assets as well as learned behaviors to make themselves into what they are, exuding grace and charm and sensuality without being overly sexual.

You’ll then accomplish your dreams because you believe in yourself, and do so with creativity, sensuality, love, and happiness in your heart.

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