Before you learn how to get started in Forex trading, you should learn about the basics and risks involved in this trade. Also known as foreign exchange, in this type of trading, traders exchange one currency with another currency. The profit a trader earns depends on the increase in the value of one currency relative to another currency. However, you have to buy or sell a currency at the right time. If the timing goes wrong, you may end up losing money.

Forex Trading

Risks also depend on currency pairs. Some currency pairs are more liquid and some are less liquid. The transaction may be unstable in certain situations. You may not manage your account properly. Or, you may be working with the wrong trading exchange or broker.

Keep in mind that banks make the majority of foreign exchange transactions. However, individuals also trade currencies. Banks reduce currency fluctuation risk using Forex. Banks have computerized trading systems using complex algorithms to manage risks in Forex trading. Being an individual Forex trader, you need sound trade management to minimize risks in Forex trading.

Any trade that promises a high return on investment also has more risks. One right move can make you earn a boatload of money. Similarly, wrong timing or a wrong move leads to significant losses.

If you want to learn how to get started in Forex trading, first of all, you need to learn about the following 8 major risk factors in this trade:

  1. Risk of ruin

  2. Transactional risk

  3. Leverage or marginal risk

  4. Liquidity risk

  5. Country risk

  6. Credit risk

  7. Interest rate risk

  8. Exchange rate risk

This article covers the exchange rate risk only.

Exchange Rate Risk

Changes in the value of one or both currencies in the pair lead to the exchange rate risk. There can be sudden and drastic shifts in the supply and demand balance. Therefore, there can be substantial risks in Forex trading due to exchange rates.

The perception of the market also has a role to play. There are certain factors that can change the perception of the market. It can be an event happening or would happen in a part of the world at any time. Over-the-counter or off-exchange trading is not well regulated. As a result, there are no price limits imposed. Certain fundamental and technical factors move the market.

You can use the common sense methodology to increase the potential for good returns and minimize losses. Simply make sure that you can manage losses if there are any.

This methodology includes:

  • The position limit

  • The loss limit

  • Risk/reward ratios

The Position Limit

This is the maximum amount of currency you can carry at a time.

The Loss Limit

The purpose of designing this measure is to avoid unsustainable losses.

Risk / Reward Ratio

It is a guideline traders use to control exchange rate risk. They measure the profit they intend to make against possible losses.

In addition to exchange rate risk, also learn about the other 7 risks involved in Forex trading.

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