Q. Why do people come to you for healing?
A. For any reason....to release emotional heaviness, get clearer on life purpose or goals, release past trauma, minimize physical pain or discomfort, heal through forgiveness, maintain balance, bring in joy, or be in a steady place of openness, self acceptance, inner peace.

Q. How does healing work?
A. Basically, the practioner accesses higher energy to bring in the the client's body and energy system, and that energy works with the person's own wisdom to release energies no longer serving them that are ready to go. The energies that release are "blocks" that prevent the flow of higher energy in the system.

Q. What is the difference in energies?
A. Everything is energy. Energy runs through us always...it is our vital life force. We have energy centers that support the body and the subtle energy system. Each of these 7 energy centers (chakras) relate to our developmental stages (birth through elder adulthood) and reflect the state of our consciousness at any moment. A cleared, aligned energy system makes it easier for us to access and maintain the higher energies we want: kindness, patience, love, creativity, forgiveness, presence, peace, joy....and more.

Q. How long does a healing last?
A. Some energies leave permanently! People notice a difference right away. It lasts for a while and is different for everyone. But regular sessions have a cumulative effect as the system becomes "rewired" and begins to hold in a permanent way to support personal transformation. When you commit to your healing with regular sessions, the universe supports you with added grace!

Q. Everything in my life feels uncertain. Can healing help me?
A. These are turbulent times for all of us. Some of you are familiar the nature of "The Shift" or "2012" prophesies. The planet itself is realigning toward it's own evolution, or ascension with the cosmos, which is causing intense changes in the earth's geographical, political, economic and social structures. All people are held in the same energy as the planet, so every human is going through their own "shift" in order to let go of what isn't working in our lives, to make room for what will serve us better. Healing work helps with our level of trust, being in the flow no matter what is happening, clarity about ways to move forward in alignment with our soul's potential and doing the work of transformation to help ease our way through tough times.

Author's Bio: 

Judy Copp, M.Ed, RPP, RMT is the founder and healer at A Higher Balance Healing Center in Salem, MA. She helps others to access their highest Light and Soul Essence through intuitive, compassionate energy healing as well as spiritual and self-discovery programs. Learn about her local workshops and long distance healing at http://ahigherbalance.com/.