History of Diner’s Club credit card

The diner’s club credit card has its origin traced back to 1950. Diners Credit Card Company is regarded as the first independent direct banking payment service in the world. The company has enjoyed huge success from its inception. The story behind the inception of the company is well-known and fascinating. A person named Mr. Frank McNamara went on a dinner with his wife, but he soon faced an embarrassing moment when he was unable to pay the tab as he had forgotten the wallet. Mr. Frank, to ensure him or anyone in his place never has to face this situation and thus created Diners club credit card.

The company started to do well and gained global acceptance. And that’s how Diners’ credit cards in India came into existence.

Meaning of Diners club credit Card Company:

Diner Club International is a charge card company that has its operations around 59 countries. The card's main purpose is offering services for well-traveled and upscale customers. The main focus of the company is travel and entertainment. The membership of diners’ credit cards is given to only select citizens all over the world. Diners’ credit card in India is available through HDFC bank ltd. The card comes with exclusive offers and benefits like no other cards.

The three major diners’ credit cards in India are as follows:
1. Diners Club International Black
2. Diners Club International Premium
3. Diners Club International Rewards
All these three cards can be applied and obtained from HDFC banks in India.

What is the acceptance rate of Diners club credit cards in India?

The diner credit card in India has an acceptance rate of 90 percent on average on Indian websites. Diner credit cards in India are issued through HDFC banks, which have very good coverage of business and merchants in the urban part of India. Yet the bank still has to increase its network for a higher acceptance rate.

In simple terms, it can be said that diner credit cards in India are accepted at
● 90 percent on online websites
● 80 percent at offline stores and institutions.

ICICI, HDFC, CITI, AXIS, and Bank of Baroda swipe machines allow the approval of Diners credit cards in India. The online percentage of diners’ credit card acceptance is of recent origin. The main reason for this is that payment gateways are competing with one other to provide a solution with maximum acceptance to merchants.

The international acceptance of the Diners Club credit card is comparatively low as it is not in existence in many countries. However, the company is partnering with a number of banks and card networks in the world to ensure international usage.

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With this, we conclude our article on Diners credit cards in India. HDFC banks in India issue diners credit cards in India. The bank also provides higher network coverage to ensure better acceptance of the credit card both online and offline.