Question: What is Dharma? It seems like the message we’re getting today is that Dharma is something that is really every moment of life, that it’s a very vast thing. I’ve heard Dharma defined as Love. Is our Dharma just to become enlightened, however that is, or is there also some specific actions each one of us are meant to take in this lifetime that could be considered Dharma in a specific sense?

Divine Mother: Yes, there are specific actions, and yes, it is vast and multi-layered. There are some very specific actions that must always be offered into the Divine Intelligence.

Again, Dharma is simple when it is spontaneous. By spontaneous I mean natural. It becomes complicated when someone is trying to figure it out; then it becomes mental.

When someone simply moves with his or her creative flow, it is very natural, it is very uncompromising, it is simple. The problem again is always the grasping of the intellect (the thinking mind). However, yes, there are specific actions to perform. There are specific duties that must be shouldered.

One man may perform his dharma in a variety of ways. He may be a businessman and pursue business interests, performing business actions. He is also a husband and must maintain that aspect of Dharma. He is, perhaps, a father, and the dharma is significant there. He is a friend. He is, perhaps, a community leader.

The one Dharma, the one flow of Love through this man’s life, is moving him into several different roles through which he must perform his… we could use the word ‘duty’, but again ‘duty’ is often considered binding. We will say ‘duty’ in the sense of an expanding duty – duty as husband, duty as father, duty as community leader, duty as businessman. Yet there is one Dharma. These are four or five different dharmas. This is one flow of Love based upon Truth.

So the man can perform all of these varied duties, holding the truth of his dharma, the truth of his purpose; the purpose being to, in the most fundamental language, to Love, to promote Love, to create Love. But that moves him to doing many many varied actions in all the different arenas of his life.

You could say (and many people do) the dharma of the man is to be a businessman. This is not completely Truth. The dharma is to be holding Wholeness as he moves through his duties as businessman, community leader, father, even son; there are duties to be parents. This is what I am saying when I say Dharma, and as you said, is very vast. It’s all the man’s dharma, all of it.

The effectiveness of him performing the Dharma, moving in all that multidimensional spectrum of activity is Truth, his connection to the Divine Truth. Or you could say even his connection to the Divine, the flow of the Divine Energy always opening his heart in Love. Love is also the carrier of creativity. When one is totally immersed in that, he is capable of moving all of these varied aspects of his dharma gracefully, very gracefully.

The answer to your question is really both. There are definitely specific duties to perform and it is very vast. The creativity that comes out of Love must be honored and it will be honored for the family relationships, the community relationships and the work relationship. Dharma becomes more than just your job. Though there is success and joy in the job, if there isn’t success and joy in the home, the Dharma isn’t being lived.

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