What is Data Appending?
Data Appending is the process of filling in void data with accurate and updated data. Data appending fills the gaps in your database helps you get rid of the incomplete and inaccurate information.

What is Data Appending How do Business Benefits from Data Appending
For instance, some customers might be missing a home or work phone number, because of an outdated email address, gender, job title, etc. Regular data appending of your customer data list can make all the difference in your next email marketing campaign.

How do data appending Services exactly work?
Hir Infotech has proven to append services that can enhance your database and fix the missing fields.

With Hir Indotech, your sales will no longer suffer due to missing data fields!

Their comprehensive Data Appending Service consists of the following steps:
An organized data normalization process
Standardization of data for your campaigns
Appending of missing or redundant data sets
Set up automation for verifying it regularly.
Monitor the results.
Data appending service
Data Appending Service in simple means to be updated with the latest information and increase the accuracy of the data. The updating standards are to the mark and effective according to the current marketing trends.

Hir Infotech offers accurate data appending services helping you reach your audience through multiple channels thereby assuring better prospecting and sales.

Processes involved in Data Appending services
Incomplete and inaccurate information can greatly damage the chances of making successful sales transactions. Lately, maintaining data quality has become a necessity for every B2B business to sustain an intact database, design successful marketing campaigns, and crack profitable deals.

Thus, it is highly essential to have effective appending services that take care of data issues that may arise from time to time.

Data appending services involves the following processes:
Business relies heavily on emails, therefore emails marketing is the top choice for marketers and businesses alike for its easy access and affordability. With our appending service, we provide accurate data that will give you an edge over your competitors. Get your data appended to take your business to the next level of success.

Formatting and Uploading
All the data that has to be appended is identified and is converted into CSV format then compiled into a single file to upload to the secure FTP of the append service provider. After which the CSV files are sent to the appending team.

Matching and Enhancing
Once the data reach the appending team, the files undergo a rigorous formatting process. The client file is matched with the master database of business records.

When a name and address record is successfully matched to an email address, the data is immediately appended to the client’s file.

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Verification and Validation
Once the matching process is completed, the appended files are transmitted to the verification team for validation. Each of these emails is verified and validated.

The process is inclusive of both manual and automated verification. The verification team tests the delivery ability of the appended emails as well.

The opt-out messages
This step comprises an automated opt-out message that is propelled to the appended email address, representing that the client wishes to communicate with the addressee via email.

This email gives the recipient the chance to opt-out of the client’s mailing database if they choose to and is done in the interests of creating a permission-based database. This procedure is optional however upholds the credibility of the brand.

Download the appended files
Upon accomplishment of the appending process, the file is all set to be downloaded by the client. Appended service providers offer to send the client the appended file via FTP or any other available media.

What are the benefits of data appending for your business?
Cleaner Information
Aside from completing and verifying your information, most dataappending services can also correct typos, fix updated place names (like new addresses/zip codes), and clean up other postal and email address errors.

If you use multiple sources for your contact information, that will only strengthen the validity of your list.

Reduce Waste
Returned mail, bounced email addresses, and wrong phone numbers all create some type of waste for your business—namely: time.

Time is money, and the more time you spend dealing with incorrect information, the less time you have to focus on other money-making things. Your staff will also be able to do their jobs more effectively not having to deal with waste.

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More Information
Obviously, the most important benefit to data appending is the information. Most dataappending services add or verify name, address, email address, phone, and occupation for individuals or businesses.

Appending services can also help you find gender, birthdays, job roles and titles, and in some instances (depending on legalities) credit scores and incomes.

To go a step further, dataappending services can also help you find social media handles for things like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

With all this information, it better helps you send more effective marketing campaigns due to all the segmentation.

Segmentation Improvement
As stated, with more information comes better means to tailor to each individual through segmentation. Have a product that’s for women in their mid-30s who make X amount of income?

Instead of just having name and age, through data appending you can also find other information, like income, which will aid you in your marketing efforts.

Keeping Cost Down
This one relates to reducing waste, but data appending is really quite affordable when you factor in all the benefits above. For just a few dollars per verified list, you save on staff research, staff error correction, and more.

When looking forward to hiring a data appending service provider, you should ensure that you only opt for highly qualified and trained service providers. These providers are reputable and offer reliable and dependable services. Such service providers also ensure that they tailor their services to meet the needs and demands of your business.

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