When peoples have a problem in their house, they turn to call in the 'professionals', however, not everyone knows where they do trust and which damp proofing firms are best. Almost all Specialist Surveyors haven't any formal requirements. For your client it is actually a minefield when choosing a contractor.

What is Damp Proofing?

It is a fact that Penetrating Damp, sometimes known as "rain penetration", is the result of excessive water infiltrating through an external wall membrane and into a property.

This may occur through wall space, roofs, window or entrance surrounds at any degree of property often due to defects in the roof covering tiles, cracked pointing, blocked weep slots or faulty seals.

If your premises is experiencing problems with penetrating damp, the quicker you work to resolve the problem the less residence damage will undoubtedly be caused because of this.

What Causes Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating damp in houses is usually the result of defects within the building such as external damage from roof tiles, cracks in the wall structure, faulty guttering or internal destruction from leaking or burst pipes.

Other notable causes of penetrating damp could be;

Spalled bricks and defective masonry - as time passes the exterior brickwork may become defective from age or neglect allowing normal water to permeate a property.

Porous wall surfaces, masonry unable to keep rainfall from penetrating inside your property.

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