Curie is a modern software platform that connects doctors, nurses, patients, and other medical/dental eco-system players.
Using Curie helps a doctor to:
• Manage clinical day to day operations with ease with touch and voice-based software
• Store and maintain patient records and information
• Assists with digital and online payments
• Connects you with service providers such as medical/dental equipment, labs, pharmacy, etc.
• Helps your patients to book appointments with you easily
• Online, virtual consultation platform- Anytime, Anywhere
• Instant alerts and messages to your patients regarding upcoming appointments, new clinic additions, new offers or procedures offered, etc.
• Identifying areas of revenue generation and leakage
• Marketing and branding services on online and offline sources
• Managing an inventory of clinic supplies And so much more…
How is Curie different from the other software?
Curie is different from other software due to some unique features such as
• Promotion of your individual clinic’s brand name and not that of Curie
• Business analytics and development ideas and services
• Online and offline marketing strategies and services
• Payment assistance and tie-ups with financial organizations or third parties
• Real-time assistance for patients with appointments including ETA at the clinic, booking a cab, etc.
• Utmost data security and privacy. No patient details or records will be shared with third parties or stored in Curie’s database.
Is Curie a cloud or online software? Will my data be safe?
Curie is an online software with 100% data security and privacy. Curie uses HIPAA standardized database which encrypts data and stores patient information or details with utmost confidentiality. These records are solely handled by the concerned doctors and they will have full rights over this.
Curie’s vision and policy ensures that your data is private and safe. We also sign a contract to ensure that your data is confidential.
Is data migration from the existing software to Curie possible?
Yes, in case you are using different software and want to switch to Curie, our customer support team will provide you with complete assistance to transfer all relevant data from the old database to your Curie database once you have obtained the old data from the previous software provider. This is a short process made easy with our assistance.
Can customization be done for Curie?
We provide personalisation support to all clinics to tailor our software to your clinic’s requirements. e.g:, Adding headers or footers on payment page etc. Our highly skilled team will contact you and help you throughout this process.
How about training & support for Curie?
24/7 Customer support is given to all our service users. Clinic staff will be trained regarding the proper use of the software and online/offline support will be given at all times for any technical difficulties or issues that arise.
Curie is unique because of two of our features namely:
• Self-diagnosis feature: Curie can identify issues with this feature whenever a technical issue arises. This will help you to solve issues without any added assistance.
• Predictive Customer Support: Curie team is in touch with you in regular intervals to ensure you are having a smooth, user-friendly experience with our software. We will hence be able to identify and help with any possible issues before-hand.
Will Curie work for my clinic? Do I need to hire highly skilled people to use Curie?
Curie will work for any clinic irrespective of the size, location, revenue, etc. It is designed to adapt to your clinic and as mentioned above, personalisation can be done depending on individual clinic needs.
A 5 day free trial period is offered to all clinics to give you a feel of the software and experience the benefits before buying it.
Any staff or user with limited digital usage skills can also use this user-friendly software. Training will be given to ensure adequate knowledge regarding software use is imparted to everyone.
What are the types of clinics Curie supports? Will it work on a chain of clinics?
Curie is passionate about supporting individual clinics that want to build up their brand name. However, it can is also of vital importance in multi-speciality clinics, small to large hospitals, individual OPDs, chain of clinics, etc., due to its versatility and customization.
What is Curie Dental Network? How does it help the dentists?
‘Curie Dental Network’ is a network of dental clinics across India providing realtime dental care to patients. By using our services, a patient looking for an appointment can find you easily as well as dentists within the network can stay connected to each other, to their patients, and service providers.
The curie network is the fastest growing network providing comprehensive medical/dental care to patients across the country. Salient features include easy and transparent appointment bookings, personal digital medical/dental records across the network, treatment financing options and easy identification of a doctor for any specific needs.
Doctors are benefited by this network by being part of a closed loop of 20-200 doctors from the same specialty in a given location. Each member of this group is promoted with a goal of bringing in business to each clinic. Brand management and promotion is carried out and partnerships with insurance companies and financial institutions ensure more patient flow.
What is the price list for Curie? Are there any add-on services?
The yearly subscription rates for
Curie mobile version starts at just Rs.6000/-. +GST
Software+7” tab will cost around Rs.15,000+GST
Software+10” tab will cost Rs.25,000+GST.
Add-ons such as marketing services and personalisation can be done as required.
For those with existing hardware, only cost of the software will be charged.
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