Cryptocurrency is an artificial digital form of currency, which is equated to real money and has an official exchange rate. The name "cryptocurrency" was first used in the famous Forbes magazine in 2011.

The popularity of cryptocurrency began to gradually develop. In recent years, its demand has increased rapidly due to, the following advantages:

openness and ease of use;
universality and wide spread;
high independence and anonymity of payment transactions;
the absence of the single center that cancels the control and blocking of the payment transactions; for such transactions it is necessary to have a good software such as crypto calculator

transactions security with the help of cryptographic encryptions.
The listed characteristics of the currency attract users, and therefore its demand is increasing every day.

Popular types of cryptocurrencies
As of 2018, the number of virtual currency names reached 1,448 options. According to the value of the dollar, the most popular types of cryptocurrencies are: bitcoin, tokens (De-Fi tokens included) and altcoins (including stabelcoins).

Bitcoin is a global peer-to-peer electronic payment system, which appeared the very first of the cryptocurrencies. Altcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies appeared after the successful launch of Bitcoin. The alternative currency was introduced in 2011. Tokens are the analogues of stocks on stock exchanges. Tokens are units of accounting for assets in IT projects.

Cryptocurrencies are evaluated on the following characteristics:

ease of use;
speed of transactions;
market value;
growth and decline dynamics;
market capitalization.
Based on these indicators, the miner evaluates the feasibility of buying and "mining" a particular currency.

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