What is CRM?

Customer relationship management, as the name implies, is a system for managing customer relationships. It refers to the strategies, principles, technologies, practices, and policies businesses use to manage leads, prospects, and customer interactions, as well as the associated data and information. From a business standpoint, this comprehensive relationship includes all dialogue and touchpoints throughout the customer life cycle, including sales and service-related processes that, in turn, help to improve the overall customer experience and drive business growth.

Benefits of CRM and eCommerce Business Integration

Includes complete Customer Information 

CRM Software is a solution designed to store and manage data for all Business Contacts. It consists of almost all customer data, including conference activities, email communications, and phone information. It also includes a historical view and analysis of all existing or potential clients. In addition, CRM with eCommerce tools makes finding, tracking, matching customers, and predicting their needs easy.

Customer-centric approach

CRM platform provides customers grouped according to different aspects based on the type of business and the physical location to which they belong. It is assigned to other customer managers, commonly called account managers. They find it beneficial to focus on each client individually. Responding effectively to your customers and delivering exactly what you need will improve customer satisfaction and thus increase profits and sales. It also leads to customer loyalty, which improves the customer base and further enhances the company's net growth.

Tap Likely Clients

CRM systems have proven to help you serve existing customers and attract new ones. The process begins by first recognizing the customer and maintaining all relevant details on the CRM platform. It is known as a "business opportunity". Next, sales and field service follow. Finally, try receiving business from them, and thus, complete the successful transaction. An integrated CRM system helps make this very easy and efficient.

Integrate with Quoting Tool to Minimize Error and Increase Sales

A CRM and quoting software integration will help expand sales by notches and minimize errors through manual processes by implementing automation. Integrating CRM software with quoting solutions helps the salespeople enter all customer data in CRM and produce a flawless quote that is made well within time. In addition, a quoting solution will take care of any product price fluctuations. Thanks to this, you can now access the latest and improved quotes with CPQ repeatedly. This will reduce most errors and the time lost to carrying out the manual processes. Furthermore, understanding the client's issues and generating solutions with the information available to you through this integration will boost sales by a considerable proportion.

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