The first positive and confirmed case of Coronavirus COVID-19 has been reported in the UK. Apart from this, a patient of Coronavirus has also been found positive in Telangana. The UK patient has been kept under separate surveillance at RML Hospital. So far, 88 thousand confirmed cases of corona have been reported worldwide and more than 3 thousand people have died. The coronavirus, which started from the Chinese city of Wuhan, has now become a serious threat to the world. In view of the increasing fear of Corona, vigilance has also been increased in India. Aerial passengers coming from different countries are also being strictly investigated. After all, what is the coronavirus, its symptoms, treatment and prevention, know everything here

What is the coronavirus spread from snakes to humans?

A coronavirus is a large group of viruses that can cause a common respiratory problem in humans ranging from a common cold. In addition, coronavirus can also cause fatal diseases like SARS and MERS. The virus is named after its shape. Research has revealed that this coronavirus has passed from snakes to humans. The virus is related to animals and has entered into the whole-cell market of meat, poultry firms, snakes, bats or firm animals.

How dangerous is this virus?

Health officials around the world are cautious about this virus and are advising people to be vigilant, but the exact information about how dangerous this virus has not been found so far.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus infection?

The coronavirus causes a mild infection in the respiratory tract, as commonly seen in the common cold. Although the symptoms of this disease are very common and no person is suffering from coronavirus, then such symptoms can be seen in it. Such as a
runny nose
, severe headache,
cough and phlegm,
feeling tired and nauseous

What is the treatment of coronavirus?

Although no vaccine has been prepared so far to fight this disease, the officials of NIH, US National Institute of Health have said that to fight this disease of viral pneumonia spread due to coronavirus A vaccine is being made for this and soon its human trials i.e. trials on humans will begin. Apart from this, it is treated like a common cold disease in which it is advised to take a lot of rest, to eat more fluids and to get the fever and sore throat medicine.

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