When we talk about chiropractic examination, this can be in two different perspectives. One is the chiropractor's and the other is the patient. Such examination is needed for chiropractors to legitimize their profession while patients benefit from a different examination to determine their body's condition. These exams are necessary to ensure that the patients get proper chiropractic care and that the chiropractor is qualified in giving the treatment.

The first type of chiropractic examination is the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Examination. What is this exam? Chiropractors who have earned their degree in chiropractic are eligible to sit in this licensure exam. Prospective chiropractors should pass the exam to obtain their chiropractic license. This exam is what is standing in the way of chiropractors and their careers.

The exam has four parts. The first three parts are written exams while the last part is a practical exam. The test will cover topics in anatomy, physiology, biology, pathology, chemistry, neuromusculoskeletal disorders, case studies, diagnosis of sickness, analysis of medical results and others. This exam is to make sure that the chiropractor is prepared to practice his profession legally and professionally. The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board is very strict when it comes to chiropractic licenses and regulations.

The second type of chiropractic examinations are focused on the clients or patients. This examination is standard procedure to get to know the patient's medical history and current health condition. Chiropractors have to examine the patient's body structure and spinal functioned to determine what is causing the sickness. This exam includes tests to check the patient's blood pressure, height, weight, pulse rate, reflexes, neurological tests, respiration, muscle tone, muscle strength, range of motion, posture analysis and the likes. X-ray, CT scan, laboratory tests and MRI are some of the ways to get the needed information to diagnose a condition. There are three parts of the initial examination namely the consultation, medical history and physical exam.

Lower back pain is the most common health condition that chiropractors treat. How are patients with lower back pain examined? The first part is consultation. This is the first time the chiropractor and patient will meet. Here, the doctor will ask about the symptom's frequency, duration, description, pain areas, and if certain movements make the pain better or worse. After the consultation, the chiropractor will move on to checking the medical history of the patient. He will ask questions about the patient's diet, family history, psychosocial history, occupational history and history of treatments. The last part is the physical examination where in the chiropractor will use different methods to determine the condition of the spine. Hence, a patient's chiropractic treatment may not start right away unless the chiropractor has examined all the results and has diagnosed the patient.

Chiropractic examination is important for both the chiropractor and patient. The chiropractor should pass the national exam to get his license and be a professional chiropractor. The patient has to undergo examinations to enable the chiropractor to get the right diagnosis. These examinations are here to ensure that standard and uniform practices are followed.

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