It does not matter whether you want to display a family vacation or photos of a school timeline, canvas printing is always eye-catching and is a way to show off your favorite photos. It is also an artistic way to express your feeling and thoughts.

In canvas printing, an image is printed on canvas through an inkjet printer. Once printing is done, then the canvas is stretched onto the frame. Some people go for a frameless border while the majority prefer framed amazing canvas printing Melbourne. Gallery wrapping technique is used to create unframed canvas print.

Furthermore, there is a slight confusion between acrylic prints, canvas prints, and mounted prints. A mounted print is a paper print that is attached to a backing board. That is usually created and prepared to hang on a wall.

On the other hand, acrylic printing is done on photographic paper. The image is then placed between sheets of acrylic and is often referred to as plexiglass. When all of these types of printing are compared, canvas printing evokes an artistic feel.

What is canvas made of?

A canvas is a durable and strong fabric made of hemp. However, in modern times, cotton and linen have replaced hemp. In these days, most of the canvas you purchase is made of cotton or polyester. In addition, the cotton printing gives more professional vibes and exact color texture. Cotton is more long-lasting as compared to polyester. In Museums, they use cotton-made canvas for higher-quality images.

Printing on paper vs Printing on canvas

To get a better understanding of the difference between printing on paper and printing on canvas, let's describe some pros and cons.

Printing on paper advantages – People are more familiar with photo printing on paper. The smooth surface of paper shows sharper details which are necessary when reproducing smaller prints.

Printing on paper disadvantages – Paper print usually has a glare or reflection of light. Furthermore, the paper lacks texture, so not useful as compared to the canvas in reproducing artwork.

Printing on canvas advantages – Printing on canvas is always preferred when going for a painted effect. Canvas prints enhance decore style with a contemporary gallery-wrapped edge. For larger prints, canvas printing is more affordable.

Printing on canvas disadvantages – The texture of the canvas is best for art but can distract from photos. That’s why when choosing photos, you need to be more careful. Paper prints can be swapped out of frame, while canvas prints are permanent.

Types of canvas print layouts

Depending on your wall’s layout and space, canvas type and choices differ. If you need advice regarding choosing the canvas please check below.

Single canvas – Single canvas is the best choice for smaller spaces in your home.

Multi-panel – If you have large walls and plenty of room on them for canvas prints, you might need a multi-panel layout. You can use as many canvases as you want to cover your free space and develop and beautiful layout.

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