Business Process Management (BPM) is a combination of methods used to manage a company’s business processes. Enabling technologies, like automation, are used in BPM. BPM is supported and enabled by technology.

BPM is seen as a way to improve and manage process in order to deliver value added products to customers. It focuses on repetitive, routine processes that follow a predictable pattern, vis-a-vis projects that are non-time and non-repeatable. If these routine processes are left unorganized or unmanaged it can lead to chaos in the business — time loss, increased errors, data loss and low morale.

Business Process Management involves various steps: Design (collecting data identifying who does what, model (representing the process visually showing sequence of events), execute (test process live with a small group first and then open it out to a larger group), monitor (use metrics to check progress, efficiency and bottlenecks), optimize (look for improvements to make the process more efficient).

By using BPM in your business you stand to:

Gain more efficiency
Achieve more and bigger goals
Control and improve unorganized processes
Create or map, and analyse processes
Using the best RPA software or the best RPA solutions you can augment BPM at your organization.

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