Coaching is not just for sports and athletes. Businesses can save themselves much headache by their owners / operators seeking coaching. In fact, with the challenges I have had to endure in developing businesses, I would not venture in again without coaching, even with considerable experience.

Looking back at the sports reference, no current sports star will be without a coaching staff, however small. This is necessary, not because the individual has problems in skill or abilities. It is necessary because of the complexities of what leads to success. At the level of high performance no one individual can be trusted with his/her development and success.

A talented (athletic) person may be discovered because he/she displays winning ways at an early age or stage. The person may be good but displays attitudes and behaviors that may seem “ok” but are not in the interest of long-term success. Natural talent may be hindered by poor form, poor nutrition and a host of other issues.

In the process of coaching, the coach has to assess prevailing thoughts, and emotions and how the might impact success. If “people” problems are the main cause of failures then it is evident that that the coach has to zoom in on these people problems fast and that the individuals are mostly unaware of what is happening.

In these cases, it does not matter how much “training” the individuals get; they are not really prepared to deal with the vagaries and complexities of the business. Hidden saboteurs lurk around every corner and many find perfectly sound reasons for being off course.

Then again, what types of business goals are set? What kind of personal goals? Are they out sync? For example, a person who sets business goals of growing by 100% in a year within the context of being a single parent with small children might need a reality check. How can this happen, physically, beyond the need to seem “positive”? These are some of the checks and balances that a business coach can bring. Because a business coach is not far from being a personal coach. To meet the goal of overall happiness, there has to be balance.

Business coaching does not have to formal process. It might come from a mentoring relationship or from some process of consultancy, for example. But a good arrangement is important because, no less than the athlete, the businessman needs professional service. This is best obtained by a contractual agreement for the coach to keep the entrepreneur accountable -accountable to his goals, his vision and his identified purpose.

In the case of Dave Thomas of Wendy’s he did not have formal agreement with anyone but he was observant, diligent and preserving. Nothing is guaranteed in life but you can improve your chance for success by getting professional help.

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