Butane hash oil (BHO) is a form of cannabis extract. Butane, a liquified natural gas, is used to extract the oils from cannabis. Once extracted, the oil is concentrated into a number of different forms such as shatter, budder, wax, and sap.

Making BHO at home can be dangerous, but when produced by a reliable source it can be cleaner than other forms of cannabis. You can buy these cannabis concentrates online.
How is BHO Made?
The process to extract BHO can be incredibly dangerous without the right knowledge and lab equipment, as butane is highly flammable. When properly produced, however, BHO can be a cleaner way to consume cannabis due to the purification of the product.

To create BHO, cannabis is loaded into an airtight tube and soaked in butane. This creates a butane-marijuana mixture from which oils are extracted. The butane is then evaporated to remove any harmful substances, leaving only a buttery or waxy concentrate behind.

The key to making safe BHO is the evaporation of toxins. Without the proper removal of harmful substances, smoking BHO can be dangerous and unsafe, as you can end up inhaling the toxins.

Because the process of making BHO can be dangerous, you should always leave the production to professionals. If you are looking to try BHO, there are many options for you to buy cannabis concentrates online.
The Many Types of BHO
BHO is best consumed by vaping or dabbing, depending on the consistency of the extract. But, if you don’t have a dab rig or concentrate compatible vaporizer, you can also smoke it.

The term BHO is a broad label that applies to a number of different qualities and consistencies of concentrate. Forms of BHO include:

● Oil
● Sap
● Budder
● Crumble
● Wax
● Pull and snap
● Shatter

Each form of BHO has its own qualities, and deciding what type to use is often about finding your own preferences. If you are looking to buy cannabis concentrates online, here is a list of the different forms of BHO are available.
Oil and Sap
In its lightest consistencies, BHO can be formed into an oil or a sap. Oils are easy to come by and are often packaged into cartridges. Oil cartridges are preferred by those who worry about concentrate sticking to their equipment.

Sap has a slightly thicker consistency than oil, like tree sap. Particles of dirt and dust are likely to get stuck on its super sticky surface. These impurities lower the quality and desirability of sap.
Budder, Crumble, and Wax
The middle range of BHO consistencies are budder, crumble, and wax. Budder is the purest form of BHO. It has a spreadable consistency similar to butter, and can be difficult to find due to its intensive extraction process.

Crumble and wax are both difficult to manipulate. Crumble has a consistency similar to cheese and will break into many small pieces. Wax will melt if held for too long and is one of the most common forms of BHO.
Shatter, like this Linsay OG Shatter, is a brittle form of BHO. It is the hardest form of extract and breaks into pieces like glass. A subset of shatter is pull and snap, which can bend and be molded, and is great for dabbing because it is easy to handle.
What is BHO?
Butane hash oil (BHO) is the most common form of cannabis extract, made by creating a butane-marijuana oil that is evaporated to create a safe to consume extract. This extract can take on many forms, from a light oil, to a spreadable budder, to a dabbable shatter.

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