A wallet can several function from storage of personal items like cash, credit cards, IDs or even business card to making a fashion statement.

What are the factors you consider when buying a wallet?

How do you choose between a Bifold and a trifold wallet?

Choosing a wallet that is suitable for you can be a bit challenging. Before buying a wallet you will need to consider the following:-

1. Fabric, the fabric of your wallet will determine the quality of your wallet. Most wallets are made of leather or canvas due to quality and durability.

2. Comfort and style, a wallet serves both as a fashion accessory and for personal items storage. It should be size appropriate fitting comfortably in your pockets and stylish.

3. Compartments, these are smaller partitions in the wallet. If you have more items to carry like credit cards, business cards a wallet with more compartments is suitable, if you have few items a few compartments in your wallet are more suitable.

4. Trifold or Bifold, these are common types of wallets. Their different features gives you an opportunity to choose the most suitable type of wallet according to your needs and preferences.

Why choose the Bifold wallet?

The Bifold wallet is rectangular with two sections and folds onlyonce. It can have one or enen more long compartment of pockets when unfolded. It usually has several small slots for storing items like cards or ids. If you are looking for a small and thin wallet, Bifold is of standard size at the same time providing enough storage. Bifold wallets, compared to Trifold wallets do not offer large capacity in terms of storage. Due to its standard small size it is the most convenient for someone who does not have a lot of items to store and carrying it in their pockets.

Only a single crease if any is formed on bank notes hence stylish and organized. Bifold wallets allows you to store cards either vertically and horizontally compared to Trifold which allows you to store vertically only. Kinzd provides both the Trifold and Bifold wallets for both men and women in different sizes and designs and such things like kinzd slim wallet.

Why choose the Trifold wallet?

The Trifold wallet has three section and folds twice making it bigger.The trifold has more compartments compared to the Bifold. This type of wallet is usually thicker and heavier as it offers more storage capacity compared to the Bifold wallet. However if you do not mind the bulkiness and looking for more storage to store more items the Trifold wallet is the most suitable.

New designs of the Trifold wallet are now available that are bit small and slick, but limit the amount of items to be stored

The trifold wallet is not popular with men compared to the Bifold wallet. This is because due to its large and bulky nature, it will have no effect on women as most women carry their wallets in handbags and purses compared to men who mostly carry them in their pockets.

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