Every human being, by virtue of his/her energetic make-up, is an ‘Energy Worker’.

Every human being, by virtue of his/her energetic make-up, is an ‘Energy Worker’. Though we appear solid, we are, in reality, composed of a wide range of rapidly moving molecules of energy. Some of us awaken to the reality of these vibrations, how they effect us and how our frequencies effect the world as well. Equipped with that understanding, we make it our careers or professions. We call our work ‘energy healing’ and ourselves ‘energy workers’.

This singular focus is not essential for valid energy work to be accomplished. You too can be an ‘energy worker’. You too can consciously use the ‘energy’ of the universe to affect the world, to do healings, to clear toxicity and create balance and harmony in the fields around you. When you do that, even if it is a very small amount of your time, vitality or focus, then you too are ‘an energy worker’.

In fact, by virtue of being a moving collection of energetic frequencies, you ‘do’ energy work, whether you are aware of it or not.

As an energy worker, you use the energies that pass through your body, to clear, balance, ground, soften, revitalize, magnify, attract, and/ or bridge the energies of the people, places and things in the environment around you. This is what is meant by ‘energy work.’. Let me give you two examples...

You are a school teacher. You are in charge of 15 rambunctious 6 year olds who love to run, jump and play. You keep them calm and physically engaged through the activities you offer. And, you energetically engage them through the manner in which you interact with them. It might be the tone of voice you use as you read to the students. It might be the colors of the clothing you wear, of the posters that hang on the walls of the classroom or of the hues of the paint the children use to make their drawings. Hot, fiery reds and oranges will activate the students; soft quiet blues and pale greens will calm and balance them.. It might be the music you choose when you want the students to dance joyously or a totally different choice when you want them to rest calmly. What you do physically has its effect, but truthfully, it is the vibrations or frequencies of who and how you are that really influences the behavior of the children in your classroom.

Or, you are a store owner. You own a women’s dress store. Your store, unlike the one down the street, is successful, even in the worst of economic times. What accounts for your success? You are an energy worker. You use your energy, not your physical stamina, but your unseen energetic frequencies to attract or repel those who enter your store. They seem to want to come into your shop just to be in your presence and that is not only because you have an engaging personality, but also because your energy is tranquil, balanced, easy to relate to; It is not frenetic or agitated; it is calm and peaceful. You seem to know just what to say to each person; you intuitively know what outfit to suggest to them. You ‘sense/feel’ how to make them comfortable, how to engage them, how to balance their energies so that whether they buy or not, whether they share their problems or not, whether they are first time or long-standing customers, they feel better when they leave the shop than before. You are an ‘Energy Worker’!

Keep this information in mind as you go about your day, observe where your being-ness is more important than your doing-ness. Your being-ness is composed of your energies. Your energy field is made up of your frequencies and your frequencies do the work.

Congratulations. You are an Energy Worker!

One last thing......Your ability to do ‘energy work’ has and will continue to create the world, quite literally, from the very frequencies you emit... Your thoughts create your reality. Your reality affects the world we live in. We are all connected through the vibrations that are within each of us. We are evolving. The vibrations around us are getting faster and faster. As that occurs, our frequencies get faster and faster. And, those rapid frequencies in turn create the world into which we are moving. It is essential that you understand this inter-relationship, for we, you and I, my sister and brother energy workers, are evolving and creating the world of tomorrow.

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Elaine Seiler is an Energeticist, Author, Facilitator, & Coach, specializing in the field of Energetics. She is a conduit for other dimensional energies, thereby catalyzing transformation, evolution, and the awakening of multi-dimensionality in her clients.


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