Most people can or may already have experienced an ankle sprain sometime in their life. An ankle sprain can happen to a child or an adult. Ankle sprains are a very common accident.

You cannot really say “I’m going to or never going to get an ankle sprain”, it just happens and is typically unexpected. Generally, it happens when you’ve done something that made your ankle twist and with that twist comes a sprained ankle.

With the twisting of your ankle, the ligament in the ankle could have stretched or even be torn. When this happens you are going to be in a lot of pain and may even notice immediate swelling. An ankle sprain can be a minor thing but also be a big serious injury.

If you have sprained an ankle more than once or have a very serious ankle sprain, it can turn into a long term issue. Your joint will be in a lot of pain and will be very weak. If you treat your sprained ankle as soon as it happens and look after it, it can help prevent future ankle problems.

Causes of an ankle sprain

With an ankle sprain, there is not really a lot of different cause. The most common cause of an ankle sprain is when you stepped to fast and the ankle twisted. This can happen with any sports - for example, soccer or football.

Yet, can also happen anywhere in everyday life when climbing stairs, driving your car, at work or just walking.

With an ankle sprain, most of the ankle will move outward and the foot will move inwards. If the ankle moves outwards and the foot inwards the ligament on the outside of your ankle will be torn or stretched.

How bad can the ankle sprain be?

Well, the degree depends on 2 factors. Factor one is how bad the ligament is stretched or torn. The second factor is how many ligaments are torn or stretched.

If your ankle sprain is a mild one, then it is not as serious. Your ankle will be stiff, swollen, and be tender but you will be able to walk. Yet, it might hurt a little bit but you should make it.

However, if it is a more serious ankle sprain you will have bruising around the ankle, as well as a lot of tenderness and it is going to be very painful to walk or even move your foot.

If it is a severe ankle sprain you will not be able to walk or even stand on that ankle. Your ankle will be very unstable because it will be hurting like crazy.

You should have someone take you to the doctor. Do not drive yourself or walk on your foot as you can cause more harm.

Symptoms of an ankle sprain

The symptoms of an ankle sprain are basically the same as all other sprains.

For a mild ankle sprain you will have these symptoms:

• Swelling
• Little bit bruising
• The ankle area will be tender to touch
• Will hurt when moving.

In a more server ankle sprain, the symptom will be the same but just worse. With a severe ankle sprain, you might hear a popping sound or even sometimes feel the ligament tear.

Additionally, you will also have more difficulty to move your foot as the ankle will be in a lot of pain. The more server the ankle sprain is the longer it will take to heal.

The best to do with an ankle sprain is to keep it supported and visit your doctor or emergency services to have it looked at.

Once the doctor has assessed your injury, treatment can commence. You may have to stay in hospital or at home in bed while your injury heals.

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