The creators of World of Warcraft are often praised for their dedication to keeping their game content fresh and unique, and the primary way they do this is through a World of Warcraft patch. If you're new to World of Warcraft, chances are good you've heard people whining about the servers being down for patch day, but what's really going on? Every week the servers go down for routine maintenance, and sometimes when they come back again, there is a World of Warcraft patch to download. This download, usually no more than 300 to 400 mb in size, is essentially meant to solve past issues and often to improve the game in some way.

What are some of the changes that a World of Warcraft patch can make? The most common form of a patch is known as a content patch where changes will be made to things like the way the characters fight, the feature element, non-player character or even the economy of the game. One effect of a content patch can be to adjust the way magic works, or even open a new dungeon.

Once a World of Warcraft patch is created, your game automatically downloads the patch the next time you log in and installs it automatically. When you go to open your game after the patch is installed, take advantage of the patch notes to find out what's new about the game. In some cases the patches will be very small, while in others the changes they make can be really impressive. For example, a recent patch change created the possibility of dual specialization in terms of talents and also allowed all characters to respect their talent points. The patch notes are clearly organized, so make sure you at least skim through the sections that are relevant to your character.

Patches are often highly anticipated, and there are many changes that can affect the way you play your character. Some changes are specific to classes or professions, while other patch changes will affect the entire game. For example, an upcoming patch is going to beat the cost of buying a mount down

Another type of patch that you might run into is a hotfix, and a hotfix can actually be performed without a download or without bringing down a server. These are usually quite small changes, although they can be important when it comes to balance or functionality in the game. There are no patch notes, but you can see information about them in the forums, in the Server Alert window when you log in and in today's game message.

Take a moment to make sure you know what you need to know about patches in World of Warcraft. This will prevent you from getting confused when the patches are downloaded and the changes begin!

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What is a World of Warcraft Patch?