With technological advancement, there has been a huge difference in the way of doing business and there are new innovations that are making it even easier and simpler to carry on business activities without the need of traveling anywhere. One of the most popular, useful and effective innovation for business is the advent of the webinar that allows you to connect in real time with individuals from any corner of the world. If you also want to enjoy using a webinar than you will need to know what is a webinar?

The webinar can also be referred to as web conference, lecture, workshop, presentation and online seminar or meeting that takes place with the use of a computer, MAC, and laptops along with internet that helps individuals to connect with people across the globe. The interactivity of webinar or the ability to send, receive or discuss information in real time makes it very useful for businesses and its employees as they do not have to travel anywhere for conducting the meeting as it can be done virtually. Attending a live webinar involves making use of your computer and logging onto the session so that you can enjoy the meeting or discuss information and also use different digital materials from your office with anywhere in the world. It can save a considerable amount of your valuable time and efforts as you can easily meet new people in the virtual environment for having interactive communication with the help of video and audio feeds. Along with the video images that can be seen on the computer, laptop or MAC, webinar also allows you to view the PowerPoint presentation broadcasted by the other person so that it will be easier to discuss matters pertaining to the business. With the help of screen capture functionality, you also have the opportunity of showing your viewers an application or website when you are in the middle of the interactive webinar session.

What is the webinar?

It is considered as the latest communication trends that take place over the World Wide Web and it offers cost-saving benefits as it can help people to communicate, interact, market, teach and help each other while being virtually in contact. This format is growing immense popularity among people as they don’t have to leave their place of work or home for sharing and discussing ideas and information. The use of live web-based video conference is an excellent way of connecting with any individual or multiple individuals while you host the webinar so that all the listeners and viewers will be present virtually from any corner of the world. As a host, you can also show demonstrations, slide shows, and presentation as well as share vital information for holding an interactive session with the audiences. There are many new features of the easy webinar that are making it even more attractive and interactive which includes interactive presentation decks, vibrant background design, customized tools and engaging videos that help the audiences interact with the presenter in an efficient manner.

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