An ACME TRANSFORMER T253014S is a static device that basically regulates the voltage of electricity currents. Power lines carry electricity with up to 750000 volts from power plants yet home appliances like microwaves, ovens and fridges to mention but a few, only need between 220 and 240 volts to function properly. In order to prevent appliances from literally exploding due to high voltage, a transformer is used to adjust the high voltage electricity from power plants. Substations exist that lower the high voltage from power plants that is usually between 155000 to 765000 volts to something like 7200 volts then the transformer from your utility line lowers the voltage a second time to between 220 to 240 volts.
Sometimes companies that need a lot of electricity to keep production going or to power big machines just use the 7200 volts from the substations. A times this voltage becomes too high even for big machinery then it necessitates that a transformer be installed for such equipment. This ensures that the machine is not destroyed and that it performs its functions as required. The power plants also need up to 30000volts to run their machines since they need a lot of energy.
It is therefore clear that different users of electricity have different voltage needs to ensure smooth running of machines and thus transformers come in handy.
How Does A Transformer Work?
A transformer like the ACME TRANSFORMER T379083S does not generate electricity but only increases or decreases electricity voltage by transferring one circuit to another. It does not do this using any direct electrical connection but through mutual induction between two coils of wire. The power transformed from one circuit to another does not change in frequency but it may change in the level of voltage.
When an electric current flows through a wire it generates a magnetic field around it whose strength is directly related to the size of the electric current, the bigger the current the bigger the magnetic field. It is directly proportional. An interesting occurrence is that when magnetic fields fluctuate around wires, they generate electric currents in the wire. Therefore, if a second coil of wire is placed next to the first one and a fluctuating electric current is sent in the first coil an electric current is created in the second one. What happens is that an electric current has been passed from one coil to another through empty space a process called electromagnetic induction.
The first coil that receives power from the source that needs to be adjusted is known as the primary winding coil and the second coil is that takes the transformed voltage that has either been increased or decreased and sends it to appliances and machines in homes, factories, schools and other places is known as the secondary winding coil. It gives the desired voltage output.
It is important to know this basic functioning of HAMMOND TRANSFORMER C3F009KDS so that you will be able to get the right transformer according to the needs of your appliances either at home or for work purposes.

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