What is an apartment service?

A generally served apartment is a type of accommodation that can be booked per night. Each unit has a kitchen and a cleaning service is available at least once a week. In terms of price, prices usually fall when the length of stay increases.

The minimum configuration apartment outlined above, but from this modest set of requirements, there are several features that create a variety of variants, all belonging to the Umbrella Apartment Hotel. Here is a guide to many types of apartments and features that make it an ideal temporary accommodation solution.

The price of apartments with services?

The apartments are paid in the same way as the hotel, except that the price per night decreases when the length of stay increases. Ultimately, it is reduced to the total price of the property. Residents are asked to plan a budget before they arrive so they can plan their other financial obligations effectively. Whether it's any product or service offering, customers are always inclined to buy value. Godrej Amaya Price for individual variants of the unit are available upon request, and interested clients can negotiate with financial advisors who commit to understanding their financial needs for a booking process uncomplicated.

What types of apartments can be found?

The serviced apartments are operated on-site or off-site. The apartment managed on-site usually has a front desk and a real estate manager. Please note that the apartment is not used outside the property and keys are usually collected through the safe. The benefits of both types of management; Cross-site management offers more privacy, while on-site management makes staff available to services.


The Aparthotel also has facilities that are usually connected to the hotel. The property also has a front desk and real estate manager, gym, bar, and concierge service.

Residential apartment with services

Some apartments are mainly located in residential buildings. The apartment is often maintained in the same way as the other apartments. We recommend this type of apartment transfer with long-term and siirronnees services. For reuse, staying in this type of configuration gives them the opportunity to experience what it's like to live in a given place before committing to a long-term hosting solution. Long-term resonates also benefit from this type of apartment because they are surrounded by residents, unlike people staying in the short term.

What is the service apartment?


The kitchen or kitchen is one of the biggest advantages of staying in an apartment with amenities. It gives you the flexibility to choose, eat or prepare food for you from the comfort of your apartment home. They also include a stove and kitchenware such as pots, pans, dishes, and cutlery, while many apartments have a fully equipped kitchen with a full oven and a wide range of cooking utensils.


Apartments are available in several studio apartment configurations in five-bedroom apartments. Multi-room apartments are great value for those who want to share their accommodation because it helps reduce costs. For example, families benefit from being able to stay in one of the serviced apartments, unlike many hotel rooms.


Some of our serviced apartments offer guests access to a number of services, including restaurants, cafes, and shops. Combined with private cooking facilities, these additional benefits offer guests more options when it comes to enjoying something to eat. It's something I've always wanted to do.

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