A comprehensive restaurant POS system designed on a full accounting system for restaurant businesses by Asimot restaurant POS. We have the ideal solutions from the small business to everything in between forming full-service restaurants.

Through features such as loyalty programs, coupon delivery, stock, continuous integration and accounting, and a total authentication server, ASIMOT Business Management Software are offering the much more comprehensive solution for all the highest value. With several of ASIMOT Business Management Software Restaurant POS device packages this software is available.

Asimot Restaurant Point of Sale:

Asimot POS provides a variety including design customizable POS Restaurant hardware devices. Asimot POS industry leading customizable restaurant POS technology solutions include an incredibly strong mix of cost with performance from individual platform solutions with numerous platform solutions including service desk devices.


Point of Sale (Easy, adjustable, smart):

Everything began right here. Adaptable for every kind of user's menu, even easy to implement. Efficient already and user friendly as well as fast to know and understand features. For nearly 20 years Asimot POS have been upgrading our Point of Sale.

  • User interface is quick and easy. Operations such as separating ticket online, removing things, prompt fee, invoices and bookings for kitchen staff, and many more are available at the moment right one by one from primary POS display
  • Build your menu to include infinite categories of menus, dozens of things, sections, condiments, as well as other modifications
  • To make it much easier to recognize wherever you are, every list seems to have a specific texture. It is possible to link and texture products on even a menu simultaneously
  • Fast & Simple. One smart Sale click and one Fast Money services touchscreen. Reconstruct a touch interface object instantly
  • This is adaptable. Growing object can still be allocated different perspectives including collections of modifiers. Changes may also include packaging
  • It is possible to add preparation tips as well as other details. You can insert customized notes that used a button on-screen. You can modify each product and hence the parameters allocated when a component has also been reached. It is possible to identify consumers
  • It is possible to access client statements. Consumer photographs may be submitted as well as a range of big discounts can even be available for customers
  • Inventory Management:

    Strong stock control process, including period monitoring, product methods including pricing, dealer notifications, item obtaining, even automated consumer reordering. Restaurant POS professionals incorporate the entire inventory management for Asimot POS

  • Take advantage monitoring through your restaurant's stock which include expense, venue and lifespan
  • Characterizes menu ingredients to build pure stock about your food items
  • Dynamically refresh recipes-based stock once sales are posted
  • Managed analyses to still see component price in stock, item lifespan and expiry, selling product value
  • Monitor the quantity and value of excess from the material
  • Contains item checklist to remove menu options if selling out instantly
  • Safety with Responsibility:

    Secure your network between both internally and externally attacks. Secure details about your clients with applications that comply within EMV and PCI. Through our effective security programs, keep workers responsible and deter stealing.

  • Staff can sign out and just are using the touchscreen display or worker keys can sign in and out the POS system
  • Managers can even use the touchpad or key card of their director to allow controlled activities such as Revoking Tickets or Comp objects
  • It may limit behavior which could allow workers to rob against you, like removing things while printing a chef's card
  • All kind of payments are allocated to the database as well as each account could be reconciled
  • The app provides a safety activity feature which should work with your video surveillance cameras. You might print notes on your surveillance videos and then show the incidents. Compliance data show missing products, invalidated cards, comp'ed products, discounted goods, utilized vouchers, as well as other compliance incidents determinable to the client
  • Photocopy documents indicating things which have been cut, passes that have also been cancelled, and products which have been collected or reduced
  • You should define that computer applications including features through worker requires exposure to each other and build a database entry any moment a key is inserted so that you can monitor what does your staff are still doing
  • Determine the application systems as well as processes available about each worker. After improving to Asimot POS Restaurant Professional, one restaurant/bar owner recorded entire workforce and having the opportunity to see staff truthfulness was!
  • Total network of accounts developed:

    Everything that to you need to monitor own business has just below

  • Eliminate double entry and additional accounting costs for streamlined receivables, payables, recording of general ledger, time clock, storage of payroll and more
  • Based on the Asimot Business Plus Accounting software package, Restaurant Professional offers a complete set of business and accounting services fully integrated with the point of sale restaurant
  • Contains all aspects of the full Accounting System, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Modern Customer Ordering and Point of Sale, Dealer Ordering and Inventory, Thousands of Reports, and many other features
  • Provides a payroll module that is incorporated with the employee time clock
  • Contains a system for the maintenance and control of your restaurant
  • The payments at the Restaurant Point of Sale are reported to the General Ledger and you will receive correct financial reports
  • The brand recipe and stock program eliminates the correct ingredients from the inventory for each item you sell and helps you to automatically receive orders from the supplier for your ingredients and other inventory items
  • For a true picture of your performance, consumer revenue and expenses are combined with overhead costs in the general ledger
  • Developed management of transactions:

    Fully integrated payment processing via Clearent or OpenEdge for quick, accurate and safe transactions with the flexibility to choose a provider that works for you. Fast and reliable, with numerous processors available, Business Plus Accounting works with both Clearent and X-Cargo for Integrated Credit Card Processing.

    The advantages of Handling Unified Credit Card:

  • Many Payments Safe All Clearent and OpenEdge comply with both EMV and PCI. It helps protect you and your customers from misuse of credit cards and lets you keep up with industry requirements
  • Quick transactions. Within 5 seconds or less, most credit card authorizations will be returned
  • Convenience including precision through automatic implementation, the databases will see a continuous flow from both the start to the finish of the payment. There seems to be no actually-keying of the sum of revenue that effectively nullifies the possibility of error
  • About your clients, Just Voucher. You won't have to issue a different credit card receipt for Business Plus Accounting technology Even. A simple answer that is more competent
  • X-Charge technology is developed by OpenEdge, the Global Payments subsidiary. Clearent is an independent processor and provider of integration. You will need to sign up with a merchant account to use these integrated solutions. When you have an established payment processing vendor or being unable to operate with Asimot POS providers, feel free to contact us here for certain options that are available
  • Additional characteristics are accessible:

    Modern biggest comprehensive device

  • Cloud monitoring via Asimot POS Store View enables you to see your restaurant status from anywhere in the world on your mobile or other app
  • Use the Asimot POS Store View app to pull daily sales data, food cost and sales rating information and more from the internet
  • Incorporated internet shopping with Asimot POS. Giving your customers the ability to order directly through your own website instead of merely placing themselves in the system of someone else along with your rivals
  • In Asimot POS, with no double entry, your menu items and pricing come directly from your code. In your point of sale process, orders placed on the internet immediately appear and print in your kitchen
  • Restaurant POS Server allows directly from the table to take orders from your servers on a tablet. Orders appear immediately for faster processing in the kitchen. Take payments by credit card right at the table with chip and pin!
  • Use the Asimot POS restaurant delivery module to allocate and monitor deliveries. We've protected you with hundreds of reports and robust configurability, whether you're a full-service restaurant, a corner coffee shop, or anything in between.


    POS software system for restaurants,Asimot, helps you to do a lot in less time. You can access any and all information anytime, anywhere with 60 + reports on the go. You may prevent abuse of data, worker theft, overloading clients, and/or removing sequence bills with such a spread of Asimot documents.

    Contact us at for many details in order to accomplish a lot of sales, drive success and peace of mind.

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