MCA is a postgraduate three-year course which manages Information Technology; it is for the people who need to construct a lucrative profession in the software industry or academics. As the term itself states, computer applications, it is the utilization of the different components and offices of the computer system and its related subjects to take care of a particular issue or to fulfill a vocation for an end-client. The course educational plan of the subject primarily manages the advancement of the application program. The course gives propelled instruction in arranging, planning, and building complex business application to provide total proficient preparation, which is fundamental for a capable professional in the IT Industry. The course also imparts knowledge about the latest tools and programming languages that are used to develop better and faster applications.

The objective behind the MCA degree?

The IT business is developing significantly, as is the demand of the influential experts in this unique and quickly evolving industry. Therefore, the MCA degree aims to prepare students to understand the basic as well as the in-depth concepts of computing, make them master programming languages, and reveal them to the most advanced tools to prepare them to race in the recent global situations.

What does MCA cover?

The three-year degree of Masters in Computer Application deals with the knowledge and advancement of applications; thus, it imparts knowledge about an array of subjects related to the advanced programming languages and mechanisms to develop more stable and more enduring applications. It includes other important topics such as finance, statistics, accounting, network and database management, mathematics, electronics, algorithm design, and optimization, etc.

Skills required to pursue MCA?

The degree itself teaches many skills regarding the requirement of the field to the students. Still, one should have prior information about them as it is a master's degree, which requires a fundamental knowledge of the subjects beforehand.

One must have great mastery over the programming languages such as C. C++, Net, Java, ASP.NET, etc. if they wish to become a programmer in the near future.
Languages like PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc. are essential for building a career in the field of web-designing.
One has to be proficient in SQL, Linux, etc. regarding the networking field
Apart from these, the certificates in CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE will help one in both obtaining sufficient knowledge as well as in grasping a good position in the reputed organization.

Specialization provided under Masters of Computer Application

MCA is a comprehensive higher education program, also includes a specialization, which one can choose as per their interest and needs. These specializations are usually provided in the 3rd (last) year of the program. The various MCA Specializations include-

Systems Management
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Systems Development
Systems Engineering
Application Software
Hardware Technology
Software Development

Career Prospect for an MCA Graduate-

There is a tremendous demand for MCA graduates in the industry, as nearly every other sector demands people with unique computer application skills.

The various leading sectors which demand and MCA graduate are

Banking Sector
Software Development Companies
Stock Exchange
Database Management Companies
E-Commerce Companies
Networking Companies
Security and Surveillance Companies
Data Communication Companies
Design Support Companies etc.

Different job profiles possible for an MCA graduate are

Computer System Analyst
Software Engineer
Computer Support Service Specialist
Software Developer
Information System Manager
System Administrator
Computer Scientist
Commercial and Industrial Designer
Computer Presentation Specialist

What is the average salary of MCA graduates?

After completing the Master’s Computer Application from any authorized MCA colleges, the normal salary package, on average, ranges from 4.5 to 6.5 lakhs per annum. The salary of a candidate also depends on work organization and education skills of the individual. Both the private and government companies render jobs to qualified MCA course graduates.

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Assistant Professor at Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

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